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Smart Transfer Strategy For Arsenal This Season

Premier League club, Arsenal, it seems as if they are not satisfied with the composition of the squad that has been built over the last two seasons. The reason is, since being coached by Manager Mikel Arteta in 2019, Arsenal have made major changes.

Most of the players who make up Arsenal’s main squad are players bought under Arteta’s coaching. As a result, Arteta did not hesitate to allow players he didn’t buy to leave the club if they didn’t appear convincing. The change, indeed, began to bear real results this season. Evidently, Arsenal are temporarily firmly at the top of the 2022/23 Premier League standings.

Of the 19 matches played by Arsenal, the team nicknamed “Red Cannon” won 16 wins, 1 loss and 2 draws. No doubt, Arsenal surpassed the achievements of the Invincible Team during the coaching era of Arsene Wenger when considering the collection of points from the 19 matches that have been played. That’s why, in terms of collecting points and the consistency of the team’s play, many predict that Arsenal will have the chance to win the championship this season.

However, Arsenal need to go through half the season. Stay alert because Man City is a team that doesn’t just give up. The most fundamental question is will Arsenal maintain the level of consistency that has occurred over the past half season?

To maintain the level of consistency, Arteta needs team balance. The balance of this team is real when there are no big gaps when important players and those who appear regularly are absent due to injury or card accumulation. At the very least, Arteta has stock that can fill the hole left.

That’s why, considering the transfer path in the middle of this season, Arsenal’s path is somewhat wise and shrewd. Arsenal buys players according to the team’s needs and doesn’t push the club’s budget too hard.

Indeed, Arsenal failed to get the young duo Mykhaylo Mudryk and Moises Caideco. The price set for these two young players is relatively high, so Arsenal are still looking for different alternatives that can answer the quality of the team’s play.

Mudryk was replaced by Leandro Trossard from Brighton and Caideco was replaced by Jorginho from Chelsea. The price disbursed by Arsenal is fairly pocket-friendly, and the two players also fit the needs of the team.

Trossard, who appeared convincing for 68 minutes when Arsenal lost to Manchester City in the FA Cup, showed an important contribution to Arsenal. Trossard can work hand in hand to fill the position on the right side of Arsenal’s attack with G. Martinelli.

Arsenal’s advantage is because Trossard is well acquainted with the climate of English Premier League football. Hence, it did not take long for this player from Belgium to adapt to Arsenal and the climate of the Premier League.

Trossard has great speed and accurate passes from the right can be a plus point for Arsenal.

Likewise with Jorginho who was bought from Chelsea. Jorginho will be a suitable back-up for anchor midfield duo Thomas Partey and Granix Xhaka. Partey and Xhaka have become a solid tandem in Arsenal’s midfield.

Both of them offset the role of Martin Odegaard in midfield. When Odegaard joins the attack and combs every side of the field, the two anchor midfielders are disciplined in anticipating the opponent’s attack. Jorginho can help these two anchor midfield duo.

Armed with experience from Chelsea, Jorghinho certainly didn’t take long to adapt to team play. Trossard and Jorginho can maintain the balance of the team while simultaneously maintaining the consistency of Arsenal’s performance to stay at the top of the standings to win a trophy at the end of the season.

Also, both of them can help Arsenal when the European Cup competition returns. With this, Arteta can have options when rotating so that the players are in the best condition.

That’s why, in terms of selecting players in the mid-season transfer market, which is an alternative because they failed to get a real target, Arsenal still appear smart because they choose players according to their needs. Trossard has already proven his worth. It only takes time for Trossard to become one of the players who can break into the opponent’s goal.

Sooner or later, Jorginho will have a place in the main squad. Moreover, Partey is still suffering from injuries, and Xhaka needs a partner who is worthy of filling Arsenal’s midfield.


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