Stay Fit Tips by Susi Susanti

Badminton legend as well as Head of Development and Achievement (Head of Binpres) in Badminton Association of Indonesia / PBSI ( Persatuan Bulu Tangkis Seluruh Indonesia), Susi Susanti claimed to be still diligent in drinking milk and do sports. When met at CGV fX Sudirman before watching together film SUSI SUSANTI – LOVE ALL, Susi said she was not on a diet. Even so, Susi Susanti claimed she was still diligent in drinking milk as her lifestyle.

Susi Susanti stated that drinking milk is very important to maintain fitness and bone health. “I still drink milk. Because it’s to prevent osteoporosis as well,” said Susi Susanti. Susi also admitted that she did not go on a strange diet to protect her body.

Furthermore, Susi Susanti said she continued to eat as usual. However, Susi Susanti has special tips for maintaining the number of calories in her body when she wants to eat more.

The tips applied by Susi Susanti include increasing the intensity of exercise when she eats high-calorie foods. “I’m not really dieting too much. The point is, if I want to eat good food, it means that the sport is being doubled,” said the women’s gold medalist at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. Susi Susanti revealed that she did this so that the calorie count in her body remained sufficient.

Alan Budikusuma’s wife also suggested introducing children about sports from an early age. Susi Susanti said that sport is as a means of motor introduction to children. “It is better from an early age. Just learning to walk is actually a sport. That includes motor introduction for them,” said Susi Susanti.

Susi Susanti also emphasized that sport is an interesting thing. According to Susi Susanti, exercise can also be a fun activity, especially for children.

“My children also have badminton as their exercise and they are trained by my brother. I let them play in order to maintain their physics. I think they have better skills and stamina than me now,” she laughed. “Beside badminton, they also practice swimming and self-defense sports to protect themselves from annoying kids.

After quitting from the Indonesian national team and dedicating her life for the family, it doesn’t mean that Susy stopped playing badminton. She still plays twice a week with people in her neighborhood to keep her body healthy.

But she admits that now she doesn’t have strong stamina as before. “My opponents now are my neighbors and most of them are older men. I still have some of my typical shots, but definitely my power and stamina are much weaker” she smiled.

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