Steiner: Haas better car is hard to handle

Steiner Haas

Ginther Steiner, Haas Formula 1 team boss, thinks the team would have been better off with a less competitive car. It would have been easier for the team to diagnose issues and solve problems if they had a slower car.

Haas has made progressed and became favorite in the midfield pack. They have progressed to gain fifth place for fastest car in terms of pure performance. The team has faced a tough season this year because it fails to gain control over its VF-19.

Steiner believes that the car is “strangest” in its form. He admitted that working with VF-19 is hardest so far of his career and the team is struggling with finding a solution.

“We’ve got a lot of work to do, and we know that for the rest of the season that we need to learn to manage the car and the tyres better,” said Steiner.

“If you have a bad car you get a big problem, but if you think with the car which sometimes performs the problem is smaller, you know, it is even bigger.

“Because it is somewhere, and you just need to find it, and it is difficult.”

Tyre Management

Steiner emphasized on the importance of sorting out tyre-management issues this season. Failure to address this issue might ruin their next season.

Steiner spoke about what they are aiming realistically after the summer break. He said:”A battle. A realistic target result-wise I have no idea.

“To get as much understanding as possible between the tyre and the car.

“The car we have got influence [on], obviously, but the tyre… If that is ruling what your aero does you can’t do a lot about it, and to find that one out is difficult.

“So I don’t really know. [The goal is] to get a good understanding, so we are not falling in this trap next year, but again the tyre will change next year.”

Steiner added that next year design is a challenge for the team as the current one is still trickier.

“It is well-organised,” he said of the 2020 car design.

“You have to do it, because you cannot just live day by day. You need to see the bigger picture as well, and that is part of what you need to do.

“You cannot just get eaten up by it. You get eaten up on the weekend, and then you try to go back to a mission about what you want to do also in future.

“And there is a short term, and a long term which you have to have in your mind and just act accordingly, but never panic to [do] something, because that doesn’t help as well.”

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