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Sunday Million won by Miguel

Again this week’s Sunday was busy for the world of virtual poker.  I think this Sunday was a big day for many hot poker players as they made such pretty big scores. Week was busy but it was full of win. This busy week showed Partypoker, Full Tilt Poker and Poker Stars with their Sunday Major. In this week plenty of players from all over the world just rolled down the scores and in fact Sunday was really an interesting day for virtual poker this week. Though, many of the top players just swept the banks this Sunday but talking about the biggest winner and earner here is the news today. Pertaining to this there is great news for the poker fans of Miguel that he made himself the biggest earner this Sunday. Miguel made his awesome win by winning Sunday Million but it was not only him this time. Miguel known as “LOL_U_91” is one of the leading poker players today. He knows how to make outstanding bluffs. This Sunday his fans had great hopes from him and eventually he made everything in their favor by winning the Sunday million tournament. There were many players being cited with great score.

Miguel the biggest poker player from Belgium won Poker Stars Sunday Million and he made his win by earning $207,042. He was playing on the table against Pratyush commonly known as Shane Gamble. He then ended the match by winning $74,866 and as compared to this amount Miguel really made a great amount.

It was not only Miguel this Sunday but someone else too. Marafioti prevailed the 2nd chance and earned more than $43,000.He earned this much amount after making a heads-up deal. Mateusz and Emil were the two more players this Sunday who made great scores too. This Sunday was truly some big day for the players of virtual poker. I think there was some kind of lucky charm on the players that they made such big scores in one day. Guarantee money of $250,000 was boosted by Partypoker for the big tournament of Sunday. This tournament was the part of Pokerfest Series. Pro Rick from United Kingdom was up with an appearance of being victorious and he claimed an amount of $35,079 for his efforts made. So it was just a glimpse of what happened this Sunday. Let’s see what other upcoming virtual poker tournaments have for the viewers and players!


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