Take Home the Unique Cup! Invictus Gaming Wins the 11th Dota Summit Champion!

The first minor tournament in the 2019-2020 DPC season, Dota Summit 11 finally found the winner, Invictus Gaming, who also carved a record without defeat.

Joining group A, along with jfshfh178, Ninjas in Pajamas, and paiN Gaming, Invictus Gaming who attended as a representative of the Chinese region successfully demonstrated their dominance by collecting 2 wins at once.

Escaped to the main round as group winners, the violent game of Invictus Gaming resumed when JT- and friends successfully shaved the HellRaisers and Chaos Esports Club teams with a score of 2-1 and 2-0.

Successfully pitched to the final, Chaos Esports Club, which seems still curious, came back as a challenger to Invictus Gaming in the best of five format match.

The triumph of Invictus Gaming begins from the beginning of the first game. It must be admitted that Ember Spirit from Zhou “Emo” Yi was indeed unstoppable in the game. Chaos Esports was forced to made a GG Call on the 24th minute after a combination of Emo and Kaka who used Mirana rummaged through Chaos Esports headquarters.

In the second round, things did not change either. Invictus Gaming still carries the same passion. Emo who replaced Hero with Tiny was more aggressive in this second round. Not to mention the addition of Kaka who again uses Mirana. Domination continued until Chaos Esports finally raised the white flag on 34 minutes and Invictus Gaming was 2-0 ahead of Yawar and his friends.

In the third game, Chaos Esports tries to restore the situation. The reason is, this match will determine who will win the first Minor event at the 2019-2020 DPC season. Not to mention the achievement of very important points to prepare for The International 2020.

Chaos Esports secures Hero Outworld Devourer for CCnC and seems to have a considerable effect. Chaos Esports successfully led at the beginning of the game. But Invictus Gaming tried to compensate by letting Flyfly use Gyrocopter. It took a while for Invictus to find a gap in this second game.

But finally the condition sided with Invictus after successfully kidnapping CCnC and Yawar in the final minutes. In fact, Invictus Gaming continues to storm Chaos Esports defenses and finally the game must end in 41 minutes.

This victory also confirmed the name of Invictus Gaming as the first Minor champion this season.

With these results, in addition to being entitled to a trophy and cash prize of USD $ 72,000, Invictus Gaming is also entitled to the last seat of the MDL Chengdu Major tournament and DPC points by 140 points.

Meanwhile, MDL Chengdu Major itself is scheduled to take place on November 16-24. Held in Chengdu, China, 16 teams are ready to compete for the first major title and cash prize totaling USD $ 1,000,000.

Congratulations of course once again for Invictus Gaming who won the Dota Summit 11 with its brilliant game!

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