Team Secret Successfully Wins MDL Champion Disneyland Paris Major!

Team Secret Successfully Wins MDL Champion Disneyland Paris Major!

Neat results seem to have been inscribed again by Team Secret. After successfully winning The Chongqing Major in January, this time they also won the MDL Disneyland Paris Major! They won this title successfully, after successfully defeating Team Liquid in the final round with a score of 3-1.

After a long journey of approximately one week, May 12, 2019 yesterday was the highlight of the MDL Disneyland Paris Major 2019. Full of fierce battles, the Grand Final finally brought together two Dota legends, Clement “Puppey” Ivanov from Team Secret against Kuro “Kuroky” Salehi from Team Liquid.

Team Liquid actually excelled first by successfully winning the first game. Miracle – who used Morphling successfully destroyed Team Secret game and even got 4 times rampage.

Even so, it didn’t seem to make Puppey and his friends give up. Evidently, in the second game Team Secret managed to win with the slick game MidOne using Arc Warden.

Continuing in the third game, Miracle – again got Morphling. Even so, Team Secret managed to play better, especially using Templar Assasins used by MidOne.

As a result, the third game was won by Team Secret after 37 minutes of play and made the score 2-1 for the team’s superiority.

In the fourth game as well as the final game in the final match, again Team Secret proved that they were indeed a strong team in Dota 2 which was quite difficult to beat.

Nisha’s game that uses Sven who scored 7-0 was able to lift Team Secret to win this game in 30 minutes.

Discussing about Team Secret’s victory in this match, we discussed with one of the famous shoutcaster figures in the Indonesian Dota scene, Gisma “Melondoto” Priayudha. According to the figure who is often called Melon, Secret’s key to victory lies in their play in the early game.

“They rotate 3 people together to ganking enemies in various places. Then until the 15th minute they just started trying to spread helping or looking after Nisha. As a result, Nisha and Midone’s networth were not much different. Two carry was made, the victory was quite easy for Team Secret, “Melon said commenting on Secret’s match against Liquid in the MDL Disneyland Paris Major Grand Final 2019.

Further talking about the last game, we talked about the Team Liquid draft which was quite questionable. “It’s wrong for Liquid to think that they can stop Sven and Templar Assassin just by using an Earthshaker. In fact, it takes the right timing for this strategy to succeed. In practice, Secret played bravely in this game, especially Nisha. Liquid was shocked to respond to this, finally they didn’t have time to react, so the game could be finished quite quickly. “Answered Melondoto.

With the release of Team Secret being the MDL champion of the Disneyland Paris Major, they are entitled to a trophy and cash prize of USD $ 350,000 and 4,950 DPC points and for MVP awards in the final round, pinned to Puppey.

With an additional 4950 DPC points, at the same time making the European team managed to occupy the first place in the DPC acquisition because they managed to qualify 3 times in the major final.

While for Team Liquid who came out as runner-up, they managed to bring home a cash prize of USD $ 170,000 and a DPC point of 3000.

Congratulations of course for Team Secret who won the MDL Disneyland Paris Major. Hopefully this achievement will continue so that later they can get their The International trophy!

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