The 18-year-old Boy Has Grown Up Said Mourinho About Rashford

Marcus Rashford has stood up for social movement. Now, perhaps most children in England are singing the name of the young Manchester United striker as their hero.

Imagine, Rashford has successfully encouraged the government not to cancel the free school meals policy during the coronavirus pandemic. He knew there would be many children who suffer if the service was abolished.

Initially, the British government had indeed abolished the service due to changes in online school activities. However, this change actually makes many young children suffer, especially those who come from disadvantaged families.

Apparently, there are many British children who depend on free food from the school, Rashford even experienced it himself.

Sound of a Football Player

After campaigning for the past week, Rashford was finally able to encourage the government to withdraw the policy of terminating the free school meals. Clearly Rashford’s name immediately soared, he was hailed as a hero.

Former MU boss, Jose Mourinho, also proud to see the struggle of his former foster children. He knew football could be one of the agents of change, Rashford had proven it.

“He [Rashford] has acted extraordinary, I congratulate him for that,” said Mourinho who now coaches Tottenham.

“It’s a little strange to me, how can one football player make a big change.”

The 18 Year Old Boy

Mourinho clearly knows Rashford well. He was the first to give the chance to debut for Rashford at MU. He witnessed the development of an 18-year-old boy into a man.

“The government should not have to wait for one player to speak in public and pressure them to do something. That happens because the government realizes that this is indeed true,” Mou continued.

“The 18-year-old boy I met a few years ago has now become a man, and a man with principles. Fighting for children who were in a situation similar to him when he was young is a very good thing from Marcus,” he concluded.

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