The Always Amazing Della Madonnina Derbi

Six goals in the della madonnina derbi are like a soap opera whose ending is difficult to predict. Inter who left behind 2 goals in the first half could rise to score 4 goals in the second half. A very amazing ending for Antonio Conte’s men to reach the full 3 points. There was a historic moment for the trio of former Manchester United players, Romelu Lukaku, Ashley Young and Alexis Sanchez, who for the first time played in the della madonnina derby.

This victory makes La Beneamata shift Juventus top position in the Serie A standings with 54 points until this 23rd match. Actually Inter and Juventus have the same points but due to differences in goal productivity, Inter has a 28 goal surplus and Juventus has a 21 goal surplus. AC Milan itself is 10th with 32 points.

Ibrahimovic was an important actor for Milan that put them 2 goals ahead in the first half. Ibra was the decider for the birth of Milan’s first goal in the 41st minute when he provided an assist with his header to Ante Rebic who immediately tore Inter’s goal. Ibra himself finally made a goal with his header in the final seconds of the first half.

The dominance of Milan in the first half seems to be a picture of the victory they will achieve in this derby. But apparently in the second half the situation became different. Inter like electric shock with high voltage. The game has been running for 6 minutes, Marcelo Brozovic with his volley in the Milan goal. Only 2 minutes later it was Matias Vecino’s turn to receive an assist from Alexis Sanchez, with his right-footed shot going through the Rossoneri’s goal which was guarded by Gianluigi Donnarumma.

The Stadio Giuseppe Meazza seemed to collapse when Inter managed to score their third goal for a 3-2 advantage over Milan. Inter’s winning goal thanks to Steven de Frij’s header from a corner which managed to outwit Donnarumma in the right corner of the Milan goal.

After this goal there are still 20 minutes left. Milan tried to get up by again confining the Inter defense. But the trio of Inter defenders, Diego Godin, Steven de Frij and Milan Skinnar are too sturdy to be penetrated. One golden opportunity Ibra with his header almost equalized but the ball only hit the crossbar.

When all the spectators thought the match would end with a score of 3-2 for Milan it turned out that Lukaku added a goal in injury time through a header into the left corner of the goalkeeper Donnarumma. Madonninna’s derby match ended 4-2 to win the hosts Inter Milan.

From the record of (9/2/19), Inter actually lost control of the ball which was only 43 percent compared to Milan who had more possession of the ball especially in the first half. Opportunities for shots on goal, Milan are also superior 17 to 16. But they only have 2 shots on target while Inter with 6 friends on target.

The Conte Formation with 3-5-2 is much more flexible. In the second half the tight pressing of the Inter players on every ball controlled by the Milan squad managed to reduce the Rossonerri attack. Two Inter wing-backs, Antonio Candreva and Ashley Young, have important significance in attacking and defending against Conte’s squad. In addition, the trio of their midfielders were truly able to maintain the balance of the game in the team’s transition.


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