The anticlimax of Yamaha in MotoGP 2020

Yamaha is experiencing an anticlimax in MotoGP 2020. After becoming a strong candidate for champion, Yamaha suddenly looks like a loser this season.

MotoGP this season looks set to belong to Yamaha when Fabio Quartararo from the Petronas satellite team and Maverick Vinales as factory riders win as well as the second podium in the Spanish MotoGP at the Jerez Circuit.

Plus Franco Morbidelli from Petronas, who also uses a Yamaha motorbike, finished fifth. Although Valentino Rossi failed to finish because he had electronic problems with the motorbike.

The Yamaha flag was increasingly flying after winning the second race in the Andalusian MotoGP. The team’s Andalusian MotoGP podium bears the tuning fork.

Quartararo and Vinales came back to finish first and second, plus Valentino Rossi won the third podium.

In the constructors’ standings, Yamaha (50 points) has an almost double lead over Ducati (26), and well ahead of Suzuki which is only 11 points in two races.

After the Andalusian MotoGP, the Yamaha and one of the riders who used a motorcycle from a manufacturer from Iwata, Japan, Fabio Quartararo immediately soared to become a strong candidate to win this season.

One of the reasons, Yamaha’s performance with its riders was so optimal in the first two races.

Yamaha’s chances of winning are even greater after knowing that Marc Marquez will be on a long hiatus in MotoGP 2020 because he has to undergo a second operation after the plate from the first operation was broken.

However, this advantage was not responded quickly by Yamaha by fixing electronic problems and valve systems that occurred on Rossi and Morbidelli motorbikes.

Rossi experienced electronic problems at the Spanish MotoGP, while Morbidelli failed to finish in the Andalusian MotoGP due to engine problems (valve system).

Even worse, this problem made Yamaha have to open the seal of their fourth engine when the new season finished two races and still left 12 more series, quoted from Autosport. In fact, Vinales has used all five of his engine quota in MotoGP 2020.

The opening of the seal eventually became a question from members of the Motor Sport Manufacturer Association (MSMA). Because in order to break the engine seal, Yamaha needs MSMA member approval.

Another problem that lurks Yamaha is tire degradation and grip on the track. This was evident in the Czech MotoGP, although Franco Morbidelli could be on the second podium.

In the third series, Vinales finished 14th despite starting from the fifth grid. Meanwhile, Quartararo, who started second, slipped to seventh because he did not have the same speed as the previous race.

Yamaha’s slump continued at the Austrian MotoGP. None of their riders have podiums in this fourth series, the best is only Rossi finishing fifth.

Vinales who took the pole position finished 10th, Quartararo who started from third place finished eighth, while Morbidelli crashed.

MotoGP Styria is one of the signals that Yamaha is still having problems in MotoGP 2020. In that race Vinales failed to finish after an accident due to brake problems, Morbidelli finished 15th, while Quartararo finished 13th. Only Rossi with the best position is ranked ninth.

It’s just that, these problems are still covered by the glory of their riders. In the next three series, the racer with the Yamaha motorbike won the series.

Morbidelli won at the San Marino MotoGP, Vinales won at the Emilia Romagna MotoGP, and Quartararo won again in the Catalunya MotoGP.

Arriving in Catalunya, Quartararo is still at the top of the standings, although he was overtaken by Andrea Dovizioso. In the construction class Yamaha is 37 points ahead of Ducati, and Petronas is still ahead of Suzuki.

The signs of Yamaha’s downturn were seen at the Aragon MotoGP. Valentino Rossi failed to appear because he tested positive for the corona virus.

The bad situation continued with none of the riders on Yamaha bikes getting to the podium. It was the second time in a row for Yamaha after the French MotoGP.

The 2020 MotoGP racer standings changed, Joan Mir overtook Quartararo. The constructor’s position is still safe, Yamaha is 23 points ahead of Ducati. But at the team level, Suzuki Ecstar is 4 points ahead of Petronas.

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