The Benefits of Karate

The Benefits of Karate

The Benefits of Karate

Karate is a Japanese martial art that combines different defensive and offensive fighting techniques.

It opposes two adversaries who each intend to attack or subdue the opponent’s attacks. In Japanese, the term judo means “the way of the empty hand”.

Practiced with bare hands, it involves using all the natural weapons of one’s body (hands, fingers, elbows, knees, feet, fists, etc.) to defend oneself or to attack the adversary.

Enriched by the crossing of Chinese and Japanese cultures, modern karate was born on the island of Okinawa, where it was taught for a long time.

What are the beneficial effects of karate for the body and health? Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will find in the list below, the advantages but also the problems that you could encounter while practicing karate.

If you are looking for a discipline that works both physically and mentally, karate is a rewarding sport that will allow you to:

1. Karate improves cardiovascular capacity , endurance and breathing

2. Karate promotes muscle building

3. Karate develops speed , balance and coordination

4. Karate boosts confidence and self-control

What is a karate training session like?

Before starting training, everyone greets each other. Then comes the warm-up which consists of running, trotting on the spot and jumping.

Then, there is a short weight training session (push-ups, squats, etc.), followed by relaxation exercises. Once all this is done, we continue with the “kihon” which is a set of techniques (positions, movements, blocks, strikes, dodges, etc.).

Then the Katas which are combinations of kihons to simulate a fight with several assailants. As the kata is close to a choreography, it reinforces the artistic side of karate.

The next step is to put into practice what you have learned in the learning phase, this is kumite. It’s about hitting a bag or competing under the supervision of the sensei so that it’s safer. Finally, we show respect by thanking and greeting each other.

The founder of karate Gichin Funakoshi established 20 regulations that karatekas must follow. Karate is an art of courtesy that begins and ends with respect.

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