The Downfall of European Leagues

In the past year, my interest in watching League football in Europe has decreased. Different from before, where the night of Sunday and Monday became the night that was expected to watch live the mainstay club action. Plus, Christmas matches in the English League are known as Boxing Day. Including, when the mainstay club competed in the Champions League which was broadcast on Wednesday and Thursday even though not every Sunday.

The decline in my interest to watch, one of which is due to the plummeting achievements of the mainstay club. Usually and naturally, club performance is influenced by the club’s financial condition and the players’ changing room situation. Both the relationship between players and between players and coaches.

The financial condition of the club also “forces” the switch to empower and foster young players. Italian elite club, AC Milan, implement like this when the regeneration process is too late for players. The mainstay players who led the Club to achieve achievements and compete with other big clubs slowly “consumed” age and experienced a drastic decline in the game.

This is what happened to figures like Gattuso, Ambrosini, Seedorf, until Maldini who was the player who delivered AC Milan to triumph with other players like Ricardo Kaka and Andre Sevchenko after the Ruud Gullit and Van Basten era.

Unlike the case with the English Premier League rich club, Manchester United. A club that can’t Move On from a coach, Sir Alex Ferguson. The club’s achievements are unstable and tend to decline even though it has been handled by Jose Mourinho who is predicted to be the successor to Alex Ferguson’s success in managing the club.

However, not 100% of the club’s financial condition affects achievement. Call Leicester City, the English League club that was unexpectedly able to win the English League 2016. In my opinion, this is more due to the foresight factor in shopping for players and of course there is harmony in the team so that it is consistent in every game.

Something that is very excessive when the club’s finances are able to buy star players like Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea compared to Leicester City. But in my opinion, that was, there was harmony in the team.

The financial condition of European clubs is greatly influenced by who the owner or major shareholder of the club is. This also began to be felt in the Indonesian League, better known as Liga 1. Some of the League’s participating clubs like competing to find and recruit star players. The stadium was improved, starting from the appearance, comfort, to seating capacity. It is hoped that many supporters will watch at the stadium so that the club’s income increases. Of course, it must be professional in ticket management.

Back related to watching saturation, especially the English league favorite league. The league in my opinion is not influenced by the existence of the mainstay club, but rather a treat that is interesting to watch. Player speed, long passes, not whiny players are characteristic of the league. Even more so when the top clubs in other leagues have fallen.

But most of all, the lack of strong emotional closeness with the Club as a pride club in its own area greatly influences the saturation. And also when just admiring because of the existence of one of the idol players in the club. When moving clubs, it will be difficult to replace with new players recruited, although also star players and even better quality.

In the past, match scores, standings up to 4th can be memorized including changes every week. But now, especially the English League, known only the top of the standings. Especially in this year, 2020, the top of the standings seemed undisturbed from the start, even the longer unbeaten and firmly in its position. The competition is really boring.

Well, do you all feel the same, tired of watching his favorite league? Or even more excited because its flagship club has always won and won the League lately. Or also because you really are a true fan and soccer fan who doesn’t care about the achievements of the mainstay club. For me, European leagues are not as attractive as they once were. I am even more interested in watching League 1 transfers and waiting for new club recruits to take action on the pitch.


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