The fear of match-fixing in SPL

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Through the gambling vogue within the nations and through several billions into the play, what are moderators doing to make sure the players are not  cheated and the people really understand what they are leading themselves to?

In the concluding phase of the Sports gambling vogue on public TV, esteemed journalist, Waihiga Mwaura probes deeper into the rules. According to the reports, Nandi County Half Marathon at the rift valley is going to start. The 26 year old Vincent Koech is buoyant of settling a highest 3 end and thus, some excellent prize money. The race starts at 9 am (+3GMT) local time and in spite of his best of attempts Koech doesn’t fix a top ten behind the 21km.

But, looks rather not concerned, as he has something to expect afterward in the date, something that could get him some wealth, specifically, the English Premier League where he will be putting in some gambles.

Know what Vincent Koech said

“I adore gambling with SportPesa. Each week whilst SportPesa is there I make USD14.97 since it is not tough work. I admire it as I can purchase things for the home and pay definite bills. I can gamble with little cash and earn some money back,” he says. Although the future sportsperson says he is not lonely in this sport gambling fury, some affiliates of the sport gambling society who strut on situation of secrecy are concerned concerning the way the business is taking with assurances of getting swift rich ruling the airwaves.


Sports gambling bureaucrat advises; “people are stating that they are about to make public wealthy which is incorrect. No way is there people are about to get wealthy betting.”

“No one in this planet has ever been wealthy by betting. It is likely to earn money by betting but the instances of you mislaying this cash through betting is also extremely high.” The chairman of BCLB Anthony Kungu, opposes and states that the messages being expressed to the people are not ambiguous. “We are among the most highly cultured people in Africa so you can’t trick them whether in hidden messages or in publicity.

He also said that, “We will arise with some measures which will make sure that there is reasonable game, discouraging offense, misbehavior and also there is the concern of money laundering and certainly we’ve to ensure that they are economic pretty.

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