Woman Footballer with the Most Caps in the World

The corners of the Rose Bowl Stadium stands on July 10, 1999 were packed with supporters in attendance. In total there were 90,185 spectators packed the stadium located in Pasadena, California, United States. That’s where the Women’s World Cup final match between the host United States against China was held. With that many spectators, the match holds the record for the most women’s soccer match attended by spectators.

But the number of spectators did not make the game run passionate and interesting. Neither America nor China made many chances during the match. As a result, the score 0-0 lasted until the final whistle of the second half sounded.

The match also continued with extra time round. When this extra time round, the best opportunity was obtained by China. Their defender, Fan Yunjie, managed to welcome the corner that China won with a header. The ball headed by Fan Yunjie came rushing into the left corner of the American goal that was escorted by Briana Scurry. Scurry failed to clear the ball, but the goal that was in front of the eye failed to be created.

The ball that failed to be driven by Scurry was successfully driven by Kristine Lilly with a header too. Header opportunities are countered by headers. Lilly has arguably saved the face of the American team in front of her own public with her bow. Because if the opportunity bears a goal, the match will be ended and China will come out as champions, given the goal system used in extra-time rounds in the final is the golden goal.

Until the extra time round ends, the goalless score still stands. The match continued with penalties. In this phase, again Kristine Lilly becomes a crucial figure. He who became the third American shooter succeeded in bringing America the lead, after the third Chinese kicker failed to execute the penalty. Thanks to Lilly’s success, the confidence of the American squad has increased, until finally winning the penalty shootout with a score of 5-4. The American Women’s National Team won the 1999 Women’s World Cup.

The title was felt more complete because it was won at home, in front of dozens of spectators who packed the Rose Bowl Stadium. It will be a title that is always remembered by all the American Women’s National Team squad at that time, including Kristine Lilly – the savior of the American team in the match.

For Lilly, the match was her 186th match with the United States Women’s National Team. Lilly had made her debut with the United States Women’s National Team since 1987. At that time, Lilly was only 16 years old and still in high school.

We might think that the players who have reached the 186th caps with the national team are old players who are at the end of their careers. But that assumption is wrong if shown to Kristine Lilly, because there are 168 more matches that Lilly will play with the United States Women’s National Team.

Yes, the midfielder who is identical to the jersey number 13 during his career in the United States Women’s National Team, played a total of 354 caps throughout his career. He is also the only footballer who holds the record for the defense of the United States national team in four different decades. The match against Mexico on March 28 2010 marked him as the only player to win the record.

Follows Five Different World Cup Editions

Kristine Lilly is a legend. She was born in New York, July 22, 1971. Lilly began her football career with the United States Women’s National Team in 1987. Furthermore, Lilly also worked in the women’s soccer team on campus. She played for the North Carolina Tar Heels Women’s Soccer Team in 1989 to 1992. During her career at the campus soccer team, Lilly presented a Herman Trophy title in 1991. Her university also retired the jersey number 15 worn by Lilly while defending North Carolina Tar Heels as a form of respect for the striker who can also play as the midfielder.

Kristine Lilly only joined a club in 1994. She joined a Swedish club named Tyerso FF for one season. There was no goal he created while defending Tyerso. Lilly’s brilliant career with the new club emerged when she joined the Boston Breakers in 2001. Defending the Boston Breakers for two seasons, Lilly recorded 59 appearances with 14 goals. He had moved to KIF Orebro in 2005. There he managed to record 19 appearances with 8 goals. He again defended Boston in 2009 and managed to record 20 appearances with 3 goals.

Lilly’s career is more prominent with the United States Women’s National Team. Throughout her career defending the American Women’s National Team, Lilly has had 354 matches. Achievements report that made him the record holder as a footballer with the most caps.

Lilly’s record has not been solved – both male and female footballers – although Lilly has retired from the world of football since 2011. The active player whose caps are closest to Lilly is Christine Sinclair – the Canadian Women’s National Team player has undergone 266 matches.

With that many caps, Lilly has participated in five different editions of the Women’s World Cup with the United States Women’s National Team, in 1991, 1995, 1999, 2003, 2007. At the 1991 Women’s World Cup, which debuted at the four-yearly event, Lilly immediately succeeded in tasting the World Cup title. His team defeated China in the final 2-1.

Throughout her career with the American Women’s National Team, besides participating in five World Cups, Lilly also participated in three Olympics.

Lilly scored 130 goals and 105 assists throughout her career with the United States Women’s National Team. In almost every world tournament event he always scores goals. Only at the 1991 World Cup tournament did Lilly not score throughout the tournament. Achieved the number of goals is to make Lilly ranked third as the top scorer in the history of women’s football. Lilly is under Abby Wambach with 184 goals, and his former team-mate in the national team, Mia Hamm, with 158 goals.

In 2011, Lilly decided to retire. His last appearance with the United States Women’s National Team was when dealing with Mexico in the 2010 Women’s World Cup qualifiers. With all the great achievements and record for defending the United States Women’s National Team, there was no remorse for Lilly when she decided to hang up her boots.

“Everything has happened very well for me when I decided this [retiring]. I have been in a very good place for my life and football. No regrets. The opportunity to play with some great players and be part of special moments is extraordinary. Many people have supported me on my soccer journey. I thank the United States soccer federation for supporting women’s soccer. Also for the Boston Breakers, sponsors and fans who have given me the opportunity to live my dream for twenty-four years, “said Lilly.

After hanging up his boots, Lilly wants to spend time with family. He also plans to write a book and take a vacation with his former teammates, Mia Hamm and Tisha Venturini. Together with his former teammate, Lilly also plans to give soccer lessons to children.


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