The Philippines and Vietnam Suffered Lost in Asian Cup

Three South East Asian representatives on the 2019 Asian Cup stage in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have completed their second match in the group stage. After Thailand, which was able to beat Bahrain on Thursday (10/1) with a score of 1-0, it turned out that it failed to be followed by the Philippines and Vietnam. Friday yesterday (11/1), the Philippines became China’s monthly, until it conceded three goals without reply. Today is Saturday (12/1), Iran’s turn is too strong for Vietnam, with the final result 2-0 for Iran.

It seems that Southeast Asia is still difficult to speak on the Asian football scene which is still dominated by East Asia and West Asia. Central Asia, especially the country which is a fraction of the Soviet Union also enlivened competition. There are also non-Asian countries that so choose to enter Asia in matters of football, immediately become a threat to other countries, namely Australia. Only South Asia has the same boat as Southeast Asia as an underdog. From the Vietnam match against Iran, the possession of the ball is more controlled by Iran with a ratio of 68%: 32%. Iran’s goal was lifted by Sardar Azmoun with a header in the 38th minute and a 69th minute shot.

The Philippines, which is now coached by famous coach Sven Goran Eriksson, is battered against China. Three Chinese goals were created at minutes of 40 and 66 respectively (both by Lei Wu) and 80 minutes by Dabao Yu. Thus, both Vietnam and the Philippines, both have not packed a single point, because two defeats from two matches. Almost certainly the two failed to advance to the round of 16. Only a miracle might save if it won victory in the final match of the group stage round, even then with a note that it must occupy the 4 best of the 6 countries that were ranked 3 in each group.Thailand is more likely to advance, as well as being a hope for Southeast Asia to extend their breath in the 2019 Asian Cup.

It will be interesting to observe who will be the champions of Asia in this year of 2019. Judging by the performance up to today, there is still high possibility that new champion will be crowned.


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