The Return Date for English Premier League

Maybe more than a month, we did not watch football matches from European competitions. Lonely also sometimes accompany our longing for the world of football. Especially for soccer enthusiasts.The Corona virus outbreak that hits European countries all over the world forced domestic and European leagues to stop. Initially, various domestic leagues had their own plans for when the competition could return. However, the plan did not go as expected.

Corona virus outbreaks are very difficult to predict. It also influences the decision of the soccer body in seeing the possibilities and opportunities for the return of soccer competition. Still in the stage of possibility. The English league is trying to see the right scenario when the soccer competition returns. Launch news from the (4/17/2020), the soccer clubs in the English League discussed the chances of returning the English league competition this season.

According to the conference, the English League competition could again take place on June 13-14. That was made considering a letter from the European soccer body (UEFA). UEFA wrote to the domestic soccer association to complete their competition on 31 July. The reason, in August will be an opportunity for UEFA to resume the Champions League and European League.

However, the match still takes place without any audience. The important thing is football broadcasts can still be broadcast live. This closed match still considers the situation. The spread factor of Covid-19 disease is still a major consideration. Before the match, on May 10-14 the players will get two to four weeks to return to training. It aims to restore the physical state of the players.

But before that, the players also did training in person. When the situation allows, the players slowly train together in one group. In order to convince health factors, the medical side is also actively involved. The medical party will ensure the safety of every individual before returning to competition.

Club members such as players, club teams, match officials, security forces and media teams will receive medical tests. The aim is to ensure that they are free from Covid-19 disease. In addition, there are also rules that govern fans who have the opportunity to gather outside the stadium.

When domestic leagues complete their competition, the European soccer body will resume Champions league and UEFA cup matches. The UEFA soccer body wants the Champions League and European Cup to be finished in August. No half-hearted, the Champions League final is planned to be held on August 29, Saturday.

If the English league really takes place starting on June 13th, this means it takes seven weeks to complete a season’s competition. Because, 16 clubs still have 9 matches. Manchester City, Sheffield United, Aston Villa and Arsenal still have 10 matches.

Considering this, surely the match schedule will look solid. Perhaps, midweek matches will often take place to achieve the desired target. In addition, the chances of the return of the English League depend on mass health testing. This was the result of a conference involving representatives of the 20 top English league teams.

This medical test is necessary to ensure that competition can take place in a safe condition. In addition, there are medical rules that apply at practice sites and competitions. These rules become a way to fight the spread of the Corona virus. Testing will involve all parties in the club and everyone involved in the competition.

The English soccer board also does not believe that the return of English League competition remains dependent on the government’s decision. In which case, the government still has the right to ensure that the Premier League competition has been declared safe. Its safety depends on the results of medical tests. (The 4/17/2020).

Of course, football fans cannot wait to wait for soccer competition. Hopefully, what is planned can run as it should. If this goes based on the scenario of the results of the conference of football clubs in England, Liverpool’s opportunities are wide open.


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