The Rise of the Netherlands’ National Team

The spirit of struggle that is inherent in the color of Orange that can also express the struggle of the Dutch national football team today. The national team is struggling to get up and get back on track as one of the most respected teams in Europe. The Netherlands failed to penetrate in the main round at the 2016 European Cup and 2018 World Cup. The Netherlands is one of the barns of talented football players. Not only that, the Netherlands also has a number of influential legends in the world of football.

This principle also forms the basis of life at the Dutch national team training ground which is equipped with many facilities. This principle certainly also animates the Orange team retainer to perform well in every match. After several well-known names such as Sneijder, Arjen Robben and Van Persie decided to hang shoes this year, some young people began writing their names with the national team. You name it, De Jong, Matthijs de Light and Virgil van Dijk. These are just a few names that are the hope of the Netherlands to fly high in Europe and the world level.

These players generally have a large contribution to their respective clubs. Even Virgil van Dijk was named Europe’s best player this year thanks to his impressive performances with Liverpool. Although star-studded, the last few years the Netherlands also seems sluggish when taking part in the arena of European football and the World Cup. In the 2016 European Cup and last year’s World Cup, the Netherlands failed to participate due to poor performances during the qualification period. Even though there were some stars who adorned the Dutch national team at that time.

Therefore, it is unfortunate when the team is star-studded, but on the other hand the stars failed to provide the best for the national team and failed to appear on the international stage. This time, the Netherlands is in the hands of a generation of players who are also quite calculated. Note the appearance of the Orange team at this time shows that they are ready to fight to face any national team.

The coach, Ronald Koeman knows full well that the Netherlands must rise from adversity. He came to the Dutch national team to restore the strength of this team. Muhammad Butt writes that the Dutch national team is in the right hands. One reason is the tactics adopted by Ronald Koeman. Ronald Koeman changes the pattern of the game. The pattern of the game was assessed back to the old Dutch national team model that applied the 4-3-3 pattern. With midfielders like Frenkie de Jong and Wijnaldum, Ronald Koeman can build a team that has ball possession and fast passing.

In addition, Ronald Koeman emphasizes quality, intensity at the training ground and an emphasis on a solid defense system. Therefore, seeing the performance of the Dutch national team, it could be that the Netherlands is rising from adversity and is ready to shake Europe and the world. In the 2020 European Cup qualifying competition, for a while the Netherlands is top of Group C. The Netherlands has 12 points which is the same as the Panzer team, Germany

The Netherlands is only superior in terms of goal productivity. Of the five matches played by the Netherlands, they have won four matches and lost one. Interestingly, they lost to Germany at home. And Germany lost once to the Netherlands in Germany. Looking at these statistics, it can be said that the Orange team will go smoothly to the European Cup. They have a qualified squad to smooth their steps towards the European Cup. Even with the existing squad, the Dutch can also talk a lot on the European cup and world cup performances.

One example is the seventh match of the last European Cup qualifier against Northern Ireland. Until the 80th minute, Northern Irish troops thought they would take home the victory from De Kuip’s stadium, Feyenord. High concentration and solid defense make it difficult for Ronald Koeman’s men to score. Until the 80th minute equalizing goal nesting against Northern Ireland. This equalizing goal was followed by two other goals in the period of “injury time” (minutes 90 + 2 and 90 + 4). These two additional goals also fulfilled the Dutch victory over Northern Ireland, winning three points at home.

One of the lessons from this fight is about the mentality of Ronald Koeman’s foster children. Winner mentality. This mentality is one of the main needs of the team. Without a mentality like this, even though star-studded, the team’s appearance could not bite when playing on the gridiron.

In the match following the European Cup qualifiers, the Netherlands will face Belarus (13/10/19). On paper, the Netherlands can win three points that can strengthen their position in the first place and smooth their steps to the European Cup 2020. However, the Netherlands must use all their potential to truly qualify for the European Cup 2020.


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