The Sad Story of Lin Dan Failed to be Olympics Gold Bridegroom

Chinese media reported the former world number one badminton player in the men’s singles, Lin Dan, has resigned as a player. Lin Dan’s decision to hang the racket was written on his social media, Weibo, Saturday (07/04/2020).

It is the end of the Big Four era. The Big Four are Lin Dan, Taufik Hidayat, Lee Chong Wei, and Peter Gade. Inevitably, a variety of other stories about “Super Dan” were blooming again.

A legend that has no doubt, both individual and team category. Lin Dan won two gold medals from two consecutive Olympics, the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 2012 London Olympics. He also holds 5 world titles.

In the team with his country, the 36-year-old player won 6 Thomas Cups and 5 Sudirman Cups. But behind all his glory, there is one that he cannot achieve, that is, the “Olympic gold bride”.

At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Lin Dan and his girlfriend Xie Xingfang both reached the final in the men’s singles and women’s singles. It is very close that they will match what Alan and Susi Susanti, the Olympic gold bridegroom, are doing.

As predicted that time, at the top of the party, Lin Dan met with his archenemy Lee Chong Wei from Malaysia. Malaysia was anxious at the time. His country would get a gold medal for the first time in the Olympics (until now Malaysia has never won a gold medal from badminton in the Olympics).

However, what is predicted that the game will not be easy. Lin Dan defeated Chong Wei convincingly, in just two games, 21-12, and 21-8. Lin Dan kissed his gold medal. While Chong Wei failed to create history for his country Malaysia, a gold medal for the first time from the Olympics.

Unfortunately, he cannot imitate Alan and Susi. Lin Dan’s lover, Xie Xingfang must acknowledge the superiority of his fellow countrymen as well as his seniors in the final, Zhang Ning with a tight score, 21-12, 12-21, and 18-21.

Lin Dan and Xie Xingfang failed to match Alan and Susy’s record as an “Olympic gold bridegroom”. Nonetheless, when they were dating, that were both world champions at the 2016 Badminton World Championships in Madrid, Spain. Lin Dan and Xie Xingfang themselves were married in December 2003.

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