The Vanier Cheetahs Confirms Will Pass the Fall Season

The Vanier Cheetahs Confirms Will Pass the Fall Season

The Vanier Cheetahs has confirmed on Tuesday that they were skipping the season. Three of the four games scheduled for the weekend have been canceled. For the moment, only the game between the Titans de Limoilou and the Elans de Garneau is still on the schedule.

“It’s not a season anymore and we didn’t want our players to risk injury or catch COVID-19 just to play one or two games,” the Cheetas head coach Peter Chryssomalis said.

“With all the constraints, it was more and more difficult to think of playing. We had no hesitation in canceling the season since we will not be able to go to other regions. We have a tradition of excellence in Vanier and it was nothing to play with.” Chryssomalis added.

Chryssomalis on the other hand, wonders why the circuit’s activities do not start in mid-August as planned.

“The cases were at their lowest and we could have played five or six games before the second wave. The civilian network played and there was no reason to postpone the season. There were no positive cases in the team. Players have made a lot of sacrifices for their sport by avoiding bars and parties.” Chryssomalis said.

“I now hope that we can hold a season in the spring. We will have to see if we can practice in February. Starting at the end of April, we could play five or six games and have the playoffs.

“By finishing in early June, players would have time to rest and prepare for the fall season. It’s done in Ontario and players are joining CEGEPs and universities after their season ends in July.” Chryssomalis added.

Constraints from Cities lead to further adjustments, the Claude-Robillard Center can only accommodate a maximum of 25 people per stage.

The Phoenix will play its home games on the college grounds as at the time. In Sainte-Therese for the Nordic games, changing rooms are not available. The Phoenix players changed in their chairs on the sidelines last Saturday.

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