There is no fear at Scotland end

Today the latest news is though great news for the fans of Scotland. Scotland is not going to fear anything this time in Euro 2016 qualifier. Scotland won’t fear Poland striker Robert Lewandowski in Thursday’s critical Euro 2016 qualifier, says aide administrator Mark McGhee. The Scots will be out in the event that they lose yet McGhee says they have no extraordinary arrangements to manage Bayern Munich forward Lewandowski, who has scored 12 goals in his last four games.
McGhee said, “We have total respect for him, a fantastic player. But we have players in form as well, players who scored at the weekend.”

Scotland could even go out with a win at Hampden, if the Republic of Ireland beat Germany in Dublin however then don’t beat Poland in Warsaw on Sunday.
He further said, “I don’t know that as a team they have improved. Lewandowski’s in form and scoring goals and has proven to be a fantastic acquisition for Bayern Munich, but in general I don’t think they’re that different from a year ago than we are. I don’t think they have left us behind in any way.”
McGhee discredits claims Adam Nawalka’s side who is second in Group D, have enhanced subsequent to the 2-2 attract Warsaw a year ago.
Further added, McGhee said, “We feel we have to match them in every area. Lewandowski is the guy they hope will get goals for them so we have to pay him attention. I watched the games and saw Martin, Fletcher, Griffiths scoring goals and that’s encouraging because we know that’s going to bring them here full of confidence. Poland are dangerous, they will feel they can score, but I don’t think we intend to do anything different than we’ve done until now. We’ll still be very difficult to beat. If they’re going to do better than us they’re going to have to do well.”
Shinnie said, “It’s been good to be in amongst the squad. It’s a proud moment in my career. I would just love to be on the pitch. I don’t mind wherever I play, I’ve done it at Aberdeen and there’s no reason why I can’t do it down here. Poland have got good players but we’ve got great players ourselves. Most of our strikers this weekend have all scored. We know we’ve got players that can hurt them.”
We are here to make best wishes for Scotland. Let’s see what Scotland will do!

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