These 4 predictions and words of Jose Mourinho proved true at Manchester United

These 4 predictions and words of Jose Mourinho proved true at Manchester United

As many as 4 of Jose Mourinho’s predictions and words that proved true at Manchester United will be discussed in the SportReviews article. Who would have thought that the prediction from the coach nicknamed The Special One would come true.

Yes, Jose Mourinho is a well-known coach who has coached a number of top European clubs such as Inter Milan, Real Madrid, Chelsea, to Manchester United. The Portuguese coach often invites controversy with his words.

However, there are 4 words of Jose Mourinho that have proven true at Manchester United. Then, what are they? Check out the following reviews to find out.

Here are 4 predictions and words of Jose Mourinho that proved true at Manchester United

  1. Marcus Rashford Is Not Suitable To Be Striker Number 9

In fourth place, Marcus Rashford is not suitable to be striker number 9. When he was in charge of Manchester United, Jose Mourinho once thought that Rashford was not suitable to be striker number 9, aka a pure striker.

Those words came out after Wayne Rooney said Rashford could become the best striker in the world. Suddenly Jose Mourinho also said that Rashford was not suitable to fill that position.

And in fact, that also proved to be true because Rashford several times went wrong when he was positioned as a pure striker. In fact, Erik Ten Hag, who is currently Manchester United coach, prefers to place Rashford as a winger.

  1. Manchester United Will Have a World Class Defender

Jose Mourinho once whined to buy a world-class centre-back in the 2018 transfer market. However, this was not realized until he left Old Trafford.

However, after that Manchester United actually brought in Raphael Varane and Lisandro Martinez. The presence of the two centre-backs has also made the Red Devils’ back line -Manchester United’s nickname – strong in the 2022-2023 season.

  1. Anthony Martial failed at Manchester United

Next up is Anthony Martial failing at Manchester United. Jose Mourinho actually thinks that Anthony Martial can become a mainstay of the Red Devils.

However, Mourinho believes that Martial has personality problems which have prevented him from becoming the best player in the team based at Old Trafford. This has become a reality, because Martial has been unable to compete for a place in the main squad for Erik Ten Hag’s Red Devils.

  1. Paul Pogba as Virus Manchester United

The last one is related to the former Manchester United midfielder, Paul Pogba. Jose Mourinho once called Pogba a virus that could destroy the Red Devils.

Mourinho’s words have proven true, Paul Pogba has experienced a decline in performance at Manchester United after the Jose Mourinho era. His performance was considered unsatisfactory and finally the Red Devils released him to Juventus in the summer of 2022 for free.

After the departure of Paul Pogba, Manchester United has become one of the strongest teams in the 2022-2023 Premier League. They are now in third place in the 2022-2023 Premier League standings by collecting 50 points from 26 matches.

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