Three Influential People for Henderson

Jordan Henderson managed to bring Liverpool out as the English League champions 2019-2020. Certainty is obtained after Manchester City lost to Chelsea in the match 31 weeks of the English League. Manchester City defeated Chelsea with a score of 1-2 at Stamford Bridge Stadium.

These achievements made Henderson the first captain in Liverpool to succeed in presenting the Premier League title since 30 years ago.

Apparently, the success of the England national team players was inseparable from the people around him. Henderson said there were at least three influential people in his life.

The first person mentioned by Henderson was the former manager and legend of Liverpool, Sir Kenny Dalglish. For Henderson, Dalglish was the first person to give him the opportunity to join Liverpool.

The 30-year-old indeed joined Liverpool when Dalglish was still manager in 2011. “First, Sir Kenny Dalglish. One of the things that triggered me the night we celebrated was to see Kenny on TV soon afterwards and how emotional he was,” Henderson said. “Kenny is the reason I get the chance to play for this extraordinary club,” Henderson said again.

Furthermore, Henderson also mentioned the name of the former manager before Juergen Klopp, namely Brendan Rodgers. Rodgers was the first person to appoint Henderson to be Steven Gerrard’s successor as team captain.

“Second is Brendan Rodgers,” Henderson said. “I think on the outside, Brendan might not be given the proper appreciation for the role he played in our journey as a club, but I know from the inside, from people who know and understand, he is highly valued,” Henderson continued.

The former Sunderland player did not forget to include the name of Steven Gerrard in the list of three influential people in his career. Henderson was known as a big fan of Gerrard while playing at Liverpool.

In fact, Henderson did not hesitate to mention all the players in Liverpool today want to follow in the footsteps of Gerrard. “Third is Steven Gerrard. It is very impossible not to include Stevie’s name in Liverpool now and what we have achieved together now,” Henderson said.

“If you talk to all the players in the dressing room, from the oldest to the youngest, they will tell you that they want to follow in the footsteps of Steven Gerrard to make a big impact on the club when they were first recruited. Likewise with me, and I feel lucky to play with him in the club and the national team,” said Henderson again.

Liverpool still leaves the last five Premier League matches this season. The Reds will still face two tough matches from the last five matches, namely against Arsenal and Chelsea.

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