Tito Ortiz Expresses a Serious Interest in a Boxing Crossover Fight Against Mike Tyson

Tito Ortiz Expresses a Serious Interest in a Boxing Crossover Fight Against Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson has insisted he is retired from boxing would only consider competing in ‘entertainment’ fights. In the last few weeks, the 53-year-old man has been releasing video clips to showcase his speed and power.

Tyson retired from professional boxing in 2005, after being knocked out in consecutive matches against journeymen Danny Williams and Kevin McBride.

According to reports, Tyson’s team members have been selecting of big names, including former MMA superstar Tito Ortiz, Ken Shamrock, former world heavyweight champion, Evander Holyfield, and Shannon Briggs.

Speaking at TMZ Sports, Ortiz has claimed that Tyson’s team tried to hold a discussion with him about a potential fight.

“I was watching Mike Tyson hit pads with one of my old trainers Rafael Cordeiro. And Tyson looked like the old Tyson, fast and speed and powerful. I was like, ‘Wow, Tyson’s going to make a comeback?” Ortiz said.

“All of a sudden two days later I get a phone call and someone started asking me, ‘What do you think about fighting Mike Tyson?’ I was like, ‘Really?’ This is the opportunity of my life. I’m in,” Ortiz added.

There has been no decision whether the fight will be held in the form of mix martial arts or boxing so far, but Ortiz believes he is still better than Tyson.

“I’m not sure if it’s going to be MMA or boxing yet. I haven’t even got that far. I think that we both have to be cleared by the athletic commissions.” Ortiz said.

“But, either or, I’ve been boxing for 20 years and my boxing skills have gotten better and better. I mean they may not be at the same level of Tyson, but has Tyson been punched in the face in the last 15 years? No he hasn’t. I have and I’ve been able to subdue everyone I’ve competed against in the last few years.” he added.

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