Todt on F1 global role amid Covid-19

Todt on F1 global role

Jean Todt, FIA President, advocated for Formula 1 “global example” amid COVID-19. He believes that other members of sport community could benefit and learn from the F1.

COVID-19 pandemic hampered the F1 schedule for 2020. It had to call off 10 opening races especially after one of the team had positive cases.

However, the F1 management along with supporting units like GP authorities have found a feasible solution. They started the season with a double header at Red Bull Ring in Austria.

Currently, F1 is heading with a 13 races on its calendar. It is working on expanding the venues and races while implementing the necessary protocols for COVID-19.

Todt was happy on F1 success to continue with the races. He asserted that it has set an example for international event organizers to follow the suit of F1.

“The easy decision was to wait until things get better, and we don’t know when it will get better,” Todt said.

“Formula 1 was the first international series to start again with very strict protocols. It has been a global example of [the] motivation and engagement to restart racing.

“I read [comments] that you do that for money. For me, it’s wrong. You do that because life has to go back as much as possible to normal, taking into consideration that the virus is there.

“It has been the life before, which we all know. Nobody was predicting that we could live this kind of situation. Now we have to learn to live with this virus.”

Todt wappreciated the creativity of F1 in handling the pandemic hit conditions. Despite cancelling multiple venues, like French GP, it managed to find new spots such as Mugello, Imola and the Nurburgring.

He paid a tribute to the creative and energetic minds behind the revival of season.

“To have all the people behind [you], because legally it’s a big endorsement to decide we are going to host racing in this kind of situation,” Todt said.

“Clearly, it has been a lot, and here, you have the medical commission of the FIA working with the administration of the FIA, together with the promoter representative, with the national promoter representative, with the government, with the teams.

“It’s a combination of effort, put together to be able to host a championship.”

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