Toronto Raptors vs Golden State Warriors NBA Game 6 Final Results, Win 114-110, Raptors Champion!

The sixth match of the 2019 NBA Finals between Golden State Warriors and Toronto Raptors has just ended on Friday (6/14/2019). The match that took place at Golden State Warriors headquarters, Oracle Arena, was stretched into the fourth quarter.

In the end, Toronto Raptors won the match with a thin score of 114-110. The victory left Raptors 4-2 ahead of Warriors in the 2019 NBA Finals series. The results also led the Toronto Raptors to appear as NBA champions for the 2018-2019 season.

Toronto Raptors immediately appeared to kick off at the start of the match through Kyle Lowry’s 11 points which were only able to be replied by two points by the home side. Raptors managed to maintain their positive trend and even had a nine-point lead. Golden State Warriors did not want to stay silent and let the visitors play freely at their headquarters.

The match left 2 minutes 16 seconds, Warriors finally returned to lead the points after the jump shot by Draymond Green met the target. Since then, the match has been tough and colored by the action of mutual points between the two teams. Toronto Raptors were finally able to close the first quarter with a half ball advantage, 33-32.

A tough duel between Warriors and Raptors continued to be presented when the game entered the second quarter. From data from, there were ten times the change of leadership position points during the second quarter. In the end, Toronto Raptors were able to lead the points at the end of the second quarter which finished with a three-point margin, 60-57.

After the break, Toronto Raptors managed to maintain their momentum of excellence even though Golden State Warriors continued to try to take it. The momentum of the game changed when Warriors were able to get up with the performance of Klay Thompson who was on fire.

But the situation immediately changed when Thompson had a problem with his left knee because he had landed incorrectly after being violated when laying up. Despite having returned to playing and entering two free shots, Klay Thompson eventually had to be pulled into the dressing room and could not continue the rest of the match. The match continued and Golden State Warriors were able to close the third quarter with a score of 88-86 despite being overwhelmed with worry.

Entering the fourth quarter, Warriors with the remaining strength continue to be under pressure from Raptors who still appear with relatively more complete strength. The match left around four minutes, Toronto Raptors led by Fred VanVleet finally began to be able to control the course of the match. However, Golden State Warriors did not want to give up by continuing to give a tight resistance which made the visitors unable to lead comfortably.

Warriors are able to maintain a number margin of one point, 111-110, from  Raptors until the game enters the final period. The drama took place, Warriors successfully forced Raptors to turnover when the game left around nine seconds.

But Golden State Warriors who got the turn to attack after that failed to take advantage of scoring opportunities. Toronto Raptors were able to increase the advantage after Kawhi Leonard scored three additional points through free shots after the visitors did technical foul and foul.

Toronto Raptors also won the sixth 2019 NBA Finals with a final score of 114-110. This victory made Raptors 4-2 ahead of the Warriors and ensured they won the NBA for the 2018-2019 season.

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Game 6: Toronto Raptors 114-110 Golden State Warriors.

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