Toyota Thailand Open Results: Greysia / Apriyani Failed to go Final

Greysia Polii / Apriyani Rahayu failed to make it to the final of the Toyota Thailand Open 2021 after losing 16-21, 18-21 to Lee So Hee / Shin Seung Chan at Impact Arena, Saturday (23/1). The match takes 58 minutes.

Greysia / Apriyani had a great start in the first game with a 2-0 lead over Lee / Shin.

However, after equalizing, Lee / Shin actually shot by turning 6-2 ahead of the Indonesian mainstay.

Greysia / Apriyani continued to exert pressure on the South Korean doubles by trying to close the gap. After the 9-9 draw, Greysia / Apriyani won 11-9 in the first game interval.

Fifth seed Greysia / Apriyani returned to the top with 15-12, but Lee / Sheen equalized from 15-15 to 16-16.

After that draw the game changed. Greysia / Apriyani was fixated on the 16 points, while Lee / Shin continued to advance until they won the first game 21-16.

The competition was tight at the start of the second game. The position was a 4-4 draw before Greysia / Apriyani led 6-4.

Two consecutive mistakes from Greysia / Apriyani through Greysia’s hitting net shot and inaccurate observation put Lee / Shin ahead 10-8.

Apriyani’s return which was too wide to the right made the third seed in this tournament lead 11-8 in the second game interval.

Shin’s blow which fell on the pitch itself sent Greysia / Apriyani equalizing 12-12. After Shin, it was Lee’s turn to make mistakes after his hard smash hit the net, Greysia / Lee winning 13-12.

Obtaining points after the second game interval runs tight. Greysia / Apriyani won 15-13 after the challenge when Lee / Shin’s punch left the field. However, Lee / Shin could equalize to 15-15 on the next two points.

The failed challenge from Lee / Shin made Greysia / Apriyani again equalized to 18-18 while preventing the South Korean pair from increasing the score.

The three additional points achieved by Lee / Shin made them win the second game 21-18 while stopping Greysia / Apriyani’s steps in the semifinals and failing to repeat the moment at the Yonex Thailand Open by advancing to the final and becoming champions.

This result made Greysia / Apriyani unable to continue their success in the Super 1000 class tournament. Last weekend, the world number eight won the Yonex Thailand Open 2021.

On their way to the championship ladder, Greysia / Apriyani overthrew Lee / Shin in the semifinals. At that time, they won 15-21, 21-15, and 21-16.

With Greysia / Apriyani eliminated, Indonesia now only has hopes for the men’s doubles Hendra Setiawan / Mohammad Ahsan. The world number two pair face Lee Yang / Wang Chin-Lin from Chinese Taipei.

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