Two important figures for Jurgen Klopp behind Liverpool’s success

So far Liverpool under the managementn of Jurgen Klopp has won the 2019 Champions League trophy, the 2019 European Super Cup and the 2019 FIFA Club World Cup. These are three trophies with very high prestige in the European and World football.

While coaching Liverpool, there was only one title Klopp had yet to obtain, namely the Premier League champions. In 2020 this opportunity is open when until the 29th match of the League competition, Liverpool still lead the standings with 82 points. It is a difference of 25 points with their competitors. Manchester City is second with 57 points.

Liverpool’s performance so far has been remarkably impressive despite their failure to defend the previous year Champions League after losing to Atletico in the last 16. In Liverpool’s appearance and achievements so far, many may not know there are two figures who are very important in helping Jurgen Klopp’s performance. They are Peter Krawietz and Pepijn Lijnders. Who are these figures? Let’s look at the reviews below.

Peter Krawietz

Jurgen Klopp and Peter Krawietz first met at the Bundesliga club, Mainz 05. Krawietz at that time served as chief scout, and they had worked hand in hand to advance Mainz 05. Likewise when Klopp became manager of Borussia Dortmund, Krawietz was assistant manager. In 2015 when Jurgen Klopp joined Liverpool, Peter Krawietz joined him to take on the role of assistant manager ( 3/17/20).

Although he has never played football professionally, the 48-year-old figure is a prominent figure in implementing training in the club. Krawietz’s expertise in finding talent and analyzing the match earned him the nickname ‘The Eye’ Jurgen Klopp.

Peter Krawietz was born in Mainz on 31 December 1971. The collaboration of these two German figures has proven Liverpool’s achievements. They have worked together since at Mainz and Dortmund so that they have know each other and are compact in collaborating with each other. At present they are contracted by the management of the Reds until 2024.

Pepijn Lijnders

Lijnders is a 37-year-old Dutchman who made his first career as a coach with PSV Eindhoven in 2003 He served as Technical Coach for five seasons before serving for seven years at FC Porto Portugal.

Pepijn Lijnders returned to Liverpool FC in his role as senior Liverpool team assistant. Lijnders began to work hand in hand with Jurgen Klopp in the summer of 2018. Previously, the Dutchman had spent a season as U16 coach at the Liverpool Academy for one season. Then took a position as a development coach in the first team in 2015 ( 3/17/20).

After helping to oversee the progress of young Liverpool players such as Trent Alexander-Arnold and Ben Woodburn, he accepted his first challenge as a manager with the Dutch club, NEC Nijmegen in January 2018. He recorded 22 matches with NEC Nijmegen.

After Lijnders parted ways with the Dutch club, the Reds moved quickly to bring him back to Merseyside. He then rejoined as Klopp staff ahead of the 2018-19 Premier League campaign.

These two figures are intelligent assistant coaches who can compensate for Jurgen Klopp’s way of thinking in gathering Liverpool’s performance. They will work together until 2024.

The figures of Peter Krawietz and Pepijn Lijnders, describe the shared feelings, ambitions and desires that have been fostered by Jurgen Klopp at Melwood as a search for perfection for the achievements of the Reds. Klopp’s transformation of the club has always been supported by a culture of continuous improvement.

The most important thing is that they really feel as a team. Prepare together, plan together, act together and train together. Extraordinary honest acknowledgment from a Pepijn Lijnders that Liverpool’s strength so far, when there are three smart brains working together. They do work and think by having the same message, same passion, and dedication.

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