Two Rounds: Denoking Vs Polk

News regarding Denoking VS Polk is now up. For the weekend the players were playing at the table. During the last match Polk won against the two other players but this week Denoking just took the win by leading $300,000 and he then finished the short match by $308,000. The match played between the two players was truly exciting. It consisted of three rounds. Just have a look on what exactly happened between the two players this weekend!
Round 1
Hand # 1:
In Hand #1 Denoking with $159,007.50 opened up $1800 and then gave a call. At that moment Polk with $120,000 gave a three – bet to $7200 and this gave a flop. On the next turn, Polk first called a bet of $9,000 and then again he made check – called bet of $24,600. Denoking was snap – called when Polk just shoved the table with $79,200 at completion of this hand. It was not good for Denoking so finally he flushed the table with ace and queen and rolled it with a pot of $240,000.
Hand #2:
During Hand # 2 of Round 1 Polk with $180,474.25 raised the bet to $1,320 and then Denoking made his three – bet to $4,200. Polk made his four – bet to $12,600. At the end of this hand Polk rolled table and right at the moment Denoking sent all his cards to unseen muck.

Round 2:
Hand # 1:
During Hand # 1 of Round 2 Polk with $71,367 made his bet with $440 and in return 5a28f0d2fe made a response to him with his three – bet of $1,800. The four – bet to $5,400 was made by Polk and then Denoking made his five – bet to $13,800. At the end of this hand diamond appeared. With this appearance Denoking made his bet again.
Finally during hand#3 of Round 2 Denoking with made a heavy bluff against Polk and made him lose in this match. Polk made call when Denoking shoved $58,466.25. The entire pot of $122,532.50 was then allowed to be scooped up by Polk. Denoking at this moment finally decided to make bluffs. So this was how the two players slowly played the short match this weekend. The poker fans of Denoking were happy as he closed the match by winning $308,000. Overall the match was slow but players made it pretty smart and interesting. Now let’s see what is going to be next in the coming match.

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