Tyson Shocked by Revealing which Was the Worst Drug He Used

Tyson Shocked by Revealing which Was the Worst Drug He Used

Mike Tyson has revealed that he has tried very strong drugs like cocaine. However, he believes that it was fame that hurt him the most.

The former heavy weight champion is one of the best boxers in history, but he is also one of the most controversial, because, until a few years ago, he had a life full of excesses.

“I think the biggest drug in the world is this camera, I think it surpasses sugar. Yes, great and intelligent people cannot stop loving themselves too much.” Tyson said.

Tyson has always led a life of luxury, but his additions led to his ruin. After hitting rock bottom, he decided to rehab and currently owns a successful cannabis plantation business in California.

He retired professionally after the loss he suffered against Kevin McBride on June 11, 2005, with a record of 50 wins and only 6 losses.

Tyson admitted he now enjoys life more, since as a young man he only fought to get money and buy drugs.

“When I stopped boxing, after my last fight I was happy that it was over. He was a totally different person.” Tyson said.

“Now I have the desire and the will to do this. This guy was a ghost of me. I feel great now and I want the world to see it.” he added.

Tyson completed his incredible comeback by slugging it out with Roy Jones Jr in an entertaining draw in November 2020. The 54-year-old has even claimed he’d be ready to fight once every two months to support his charitable efforts.

“This is better than fighting for championships. We’re humanitarians now. We can do something good for the world. We’ve got to do this again. It has to be competitive. I once had 15 fights in one year. Let’s just try and work closer to that.” Tyson said.

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