USA wins this years FIBA Championship

Having passed a really strong group in the group phases Serbia was playing in other rounds against Brazil, Greece, France and, finally, America. As if the pure luck was on their side, the USA team had better groups in the group phase of the competition, and by better we want to say easier to play against. Those were Turkey, Dominican Republic, New Zealand, Ukraine and Finland.

When the match began Serbian basketball players all seemed very confident as if they have invented a recipe for winning FIBA 2014 Championship. At one time they did look like they knew what they were doing. At one point at first quarter they even managed to control the match and put themselves in the leading position having scored +7 more than USA team.


Somehow, the wind started blowing from the other side and the dream of Serbian basketball players crushed down like the pile of cards. American players were not making any mistakes, they scored almost all of their three-point shots and they have minimized the number of fouls they were making. They did play aggressive defense and played magnificently as the whole team was one player. After all, they did shown why they were favorites all the way through the championship. And not just at FIBA 2014 but also in the past years.

The USA basketball team won the title of World Champions having won against Serbia 129:29. Kyrie Irving and Harden seemed to be impossible to beat or play against. They scored the great number of points in the match and did not show any weaknesses. After just half hour of the game USA basketball team played for the grand +38 points against Serbia. Serbian players didn´t seem to find the answer but they did play until the very end of the match.

By the time the last quarter started it all became just the matter of the number of points each teams are going to have when the game is over. Serbian players finally felt at ease and started to score three-point shots (which they didn´t manage to score throughout the game). In the end, American basketball players did deserve this title also in the FIBA 2014. Let´s see what the upcoming years will bring us, until then, USA team stays invincible.


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