Van Dijk is ready to welcome the Glorious Future at Liverpool

Liverpool central defender Virgil van Dijk predicts the Reds will finish the 2019/2020 season with slick results.

Liverpool ended the 2018/2019 season with a Champions League title and finished second in the Premier League with just one point difference from Manchester City who became champions.

Liverpool managed to restore glory after being able to win the 2018-19 Champions League title. The status of the European king is considered as the beginning of the many successes that will be achieved starting in the 2019-20 season.

Yes, under the control of Juergen Klopp, Liverpool continued to show progress in terms of achievement. Especially in the last two seasons where it was able to double in a row to the Champions League final. In addition, the Reds also began to be consistent in competing to win the English League title. Although, it has not succeeded in seizing the throne of Manchester City as champions of the Premier League in the last two seasons.

However, Virgil van Dijk is now increasingly convinced of the progress his team continues to show. Moreover, the quality of the Reds increasingly looks so strong in all fields. Strong in defense and sharp when attacking. Ahead of the new season, Van Dijk predicts Liverpool can perform well because of the presence of quality players who are under the direction of Juergen Klopp.

“I think the future looks pretty bright. We have a fantastic team with players who have the will to develop, namely by giving everything to the team and club,” Van Dijk was quoted as saying on the official Liverpool website.

“There is quality in the team, sometimes you don’t realize how good the group of players we have. Also there are players on the bench who want to play and be part of the team. So we have a fantastic future,” added the Dutch defender.

In addition to the titles obtained, last season Liverpool also received attention from a fairly solid defense appearance. The Reds are the team that conceded the fewest in domestic competition.

Of the 38 appearances, goalkeeper Alisson Becker only conceded 22 times. While the champion’s goal collapsed 23 times and other clubs conceded more than 30 goals.

The statistical record was linked to Van Dijk’s impressive appearance at the heart of the defense. The former Celtic player has recorded 38 times to play or never missed the Premier League.

“I am committed. I feel great, with the help of my friends. Everyone looks fantastic,” said Van Dijk.

“If you see the team, Robbo [Andy Robertson] underwent his best season. Trent [Alexander-Arnold] performed great as a young player, very mature. And all the central defenders. And of course all players display high level performance,” he continued.

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