Verstappen blames Perez for his fallout

Verstappen says Perez took himself out

Max Verstappen blamed Sergio Perez for taking “himself out” at Formula 1 Portuguese Grand Prix.

The Dutch driver, leading the Red Bull F1 team, was disappointed on the start where he had a clash with Racing Point’s Perez.

Circuit provides low grip conditions, pushing many to start with hard compounds. They struggled to retain the tyres temperatures and had to lost the starting positions.

At the start, Verstappen managed to gain a position at Turn 1. But Valterri Bottas fought back to regain his position while pushing Dutchman wide providing space to Perez.

At turn 3, Perez closed up and tried to pass Red Bull’s driver at turn 4, where both drivers pulled in on each other.

Perez was unlucky and went into a spin, while Verstappen managed to continue the race without any damage.

Stewards decided not to investigate the event which led Verstappen to finish on third and Perez at Seventh.

“It was quite eventful, the first two laps,” Verstappen said. “The start itself was quite OK, I had a good draft and down to Turn 1, it was quite low grip, so I had to go a little bit wide. It was so hectic, the first lap.

“At Turn 3 I had to go a bit wide, and I think I was behind Lewis [Hamilton], but I had Sergio next to me.

“He was going around the outside of Turn 4, but then he just didn’t leave enough space. So, basically he just took himself out while I was driving on the normal line.

“Luckily I had no damage, but then of course you lose a bit of momentum.”

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Like others, Verstappen struggled with tyre temperatures which provided McLaren pair, Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz Jr., to overtake him.

“It was a disaster, I had no grip, and suddenly those McLarens were flying,” Verstappen said.

“They were absolutely flying. I lost positions to them, but I didn’t want to risk too much, because normally they are not the ones who we fight against in the race.

“Clearly the first lap they were unbelievable. I tried to stay out of trouble a bit, tried to settle down.”

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