Verstappen is hoping for a Big Show at Baku

RB Verstappen

Max Verstappen, Red Bull lead driver, expects to have a great time at Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

The Dutch driver is excited to perform at Baku and to thrill the audience with the unpredictability of Formula 1 sport and his performance.

Verstappen commented as he packed for Baku show, he said: “It’s always an exciting weekend and a lot of things can happen. It’s a big show and hopefully this year’s race will make for a good story.”

Red Bull and Honda has decided to upgrade their engine for the first time of the season.

Red Bull is counting on Honda to provide a more reliable and competitive power unit. The team is ambitious to lock horns for the title with Mercedes and Ferrari.

Toyoharu Tanabe, Honda technical director, commented on the new up-gradation:  “It also offers a slight improvement in performance”.

However,  Verstappen views on Baku vary from general perception that this weekends race is not about the pace. He said: “Baku is quite an interesting race because on a street circuit, you usually want to run a lot of downforce.

“Because of the long straights between the corners in Baku, you have to find a bit of a compromise so that means you have quite low grip on the track and you slide around a bit.

“It’s a decent track for overtaking because of the long straight and especially with the DRS zone,” he added.

“It’s a lot of fun to drive and especially the castle area. It’s very narrow but also it’s really cool for pictures to look back at!”

Pierre Gasly was also in high spirit and was ready to head to Baku which is one of the most demanding track of F1 calendar.

“I’m always excited for a race weekend and I’m looking forward to this fourth one of the season as we head back to Europe,” he said.

“I’m really excited because Baku is a street track which is always more challenging as there’s a lot less margin for error, and this gives you more adrenaline which is a positive for us racing drivers.

“The track is really cool and quite technical from one corner to another. It has the longest straight of the season with a lot of opportunities to overtake, which makes the racing super exciting on Sunday.”

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