Verstappen stood against Sochi penalty on Hamilton

Verstappen stood for Hamilton agianst Sochi Penalty

Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel were baffled by the “harsh” treatment given by FIA according to its Formula 1 penalty point system.

Lewis Hamilton was handed over five second penalty twice during Sochi Autodrom Grand Prix. He started race beyond the allowed position for which he was handed over two penalty points.

FIA rules dictates that if a driver receives 12 points in 12 months, he would have been liable for an automatic race ban. Hamilton total penalty points were added up to 10 for last 12 months.

However, FIA stewards withdrawn its decision after the Mercedes authorities and Hamilton confirmed the details. He was only acting on team’s instructions. The team was fined with €25,000 while saving its driver from superlicence penalty points.

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The Brit was enraged with the stewards decision and he labelled it “ridiculous”. His fellow drivers were also shocked on the decision of FIA authorities.

Verstappen, who finished second on podium, was surprised by the decision. He considered it “a bit hard” for an error made by the team.

He added: “If you cause a crash it’s difference, but the penalty Lewis got was already painful enough.

“I don’t know how many points you got – two points? – it’s a bit harsh, he’s up to 10 points.

“I mean, it was not correct where he stopped but penalty points for that, I’m not sure that’s correct.

“He was penalised enough by having this penalty in the race, so I don’t think you’d need to hand out penalty points for that.

“But I guess we’ll talk about it in the next briefing we have and see if something will happen or not.”

Vettel agrees with Verstappen on the issue that dangerous moves on track shall only be punishable by superlicence penalty points.

“I think if you really do some crazy moves on the track and some dangerous driving, then they’re justified,” Vettel said.

“But if you’re speeding in the pitlane or minor infringements, it’s probably not the point to apply penalty points.”

Charles Leclerc, Ferrari’s driver, also stood for Hamilton. He consider such sanctions inappropriate and that there shall be a review system in place.

“I don’t think he has done anything particularly wrong this year,” Leclerc said.

“Maybe there’s a better way to do it. I don’t know, it’s not my job either, so the FIA will look into it.”

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