Vettel happy with 10 event season

Vettel happy with 10 events

Sebastian Vettel does not agree to the devaluation of Formula 1 World Championship title with lesser races.

Corona Virus pandemic has restricted many sports and it had cancelled multiple F1 races for 2020. Currenlty, the season is shortened to 10 races rather than complete season.

Formula 1 had worked out to expand its racing network with new huge fan base. It had campaigned for additional races with total of 22 on the schedule.

But Convid-19 which has engulfed the globe with its fear has also derailed F1 plans of expansion. The uncertainty around globe has put F1 in an uncertain position to announce the number of races this year.

Austria has began to ease its lower restrictions of the Convid-19 lockdown. Reportedly, F1 is considering Red Bull Ring for resumption of the season. Because of Austria measures for resumption of the season in July behind closed doors event.

Chase Carey, Chief Executive of Formula 1 group, had earlier hoped for 15-18 races. But the chances of that is very unlikely. The championship has been restricted to 10 events only.

Vettel is Okay

Vettel is happy with 10 event championship and would be happy to have worthy title. He said: “I don’t know how it would feel because we never had that sort of circumstance.

“Before we had less races in the past and more races today, but I don’t think it makes a big difference.

“Obviously a season is a season, whether it’s 10, 15 or 20, 25 races. So you still have to be the one that is most consistent.

“With less races, every race is more important, but the championship would still be the championship.

“So it’s still a long way, and you know, each single race weekend is a long way. And races mean there will still be a lot of things to get right.”

Vettel emphasized not to jump to conclusions at this moment.

“I think at this stage, nobody really knows what to expect from this year, from this season,” he explained.

“Maybe this season is going into part of next year as well. I don’t know. So, lots of ideas, lots of options, but I think we have to have to be patient and wait.”

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