Vettel: Rivalry speculations with Leclerc is just a “hype”


Sebastian Vettel responded to speculations of rivalry between the him and his team mate Charles Leclerc.

Vettel rejected the notion and claimed that it is just “hype” that is created by people after the collision in Brazil Grand Prix.

Vettel engaged with media to clarify against the speculations after Brazilian Grand Prix on Firday. He missed the press conference on Thursday his wife had the birth of his third child.

After the last race, both drivers were summoned to answer regarding the incident at Interlagos. They were asked to explain by Mattia Binotto, team principal, and later they discussed how to avoid such incidents in future.

But Vettel remained reserve and declined to comment on the consequences of the discussion.

“Obviously it’s unfortunate what happened and we want to make sure it doesn’t happen again,” he said. “That’s clear. That’s the most important.

“The key for me is that we we get along, we don’t have a problem with each other. I know that outside tries to hype this a little bit, but actually there’s nothing to worry from the inside.

“I think the lesson is that if we race each other, then we need to give each other in that regard more room to make sure that we don’t touch because obviously it was a very little touch but the touch led to a poor result.”

“I don’t think there’s so much more to understand,” he added. “We’re both not happy with the outcome. Obviously we didn’t finish the race, so I’m happy with that front.

“We’re both grown up and we spoke to each other, we spoke with Mattia. I think we’ve tried to go through as much as we can and we tried to move on. And it’s clear that we want to make sure that this doesn’t happen to us again.”

Vettel was unfortunate at the start of Abu Dhabi GP where he hit a barrier at the end of FP1.

“It was a bit of a surprise,” he admitted, “I didn’t expect to actually spin.

“I knew that going in that I would have to catch the rear, but didn’t quite work so well. I’ve been unfortunate, but there was no damage other than the rim.”

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