Was Reproached, Now Man United Is Adored Thanks To Bruno Fernandes

Manchester United’s performance slowly changed the look on the faces of his fans from anger to a smile. The fans did not hesitate to denounce the idol team when Man United did not perform well in the first round of the English League.

However, one player came to change the situation. He is a Portuguese player who was brought in mid-season by coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Bruno Fernandes. Fernandes’ presence was a breath of fresh air for the squad and supporters of the club nicknamed the Red Devils.

When Bruno Fernandes arrived at Man United, he joined a team that was mocked by his own supporters for losing at home to Burnley a few days before. At that time, Burnley presented Man United’s fourth defeat in seven Premier League matches.

The atmosphere at Old Trafford was extremely poisonous, the United squad’s appearance was embarrassing and was said to be the worst in the last 30 years. However, just by buying a player, United became a team that immediately transformed.

They have been the best-performing team in the league in eight matches since Fernandes joined. Immediately the doom and gloom vanished. A team with a flowing and passionate playing style was formed again under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Fernandes becomes the centre of the outstanding performance.

Against Brighton on Wednesday morning, the 25-year-old midfielder nicknamed “Portuguese magnifico” scored two goals in a 3-0 win. One of his goals was a brilliant kick that kept his team alive to qualify for the Champions League.

The former Sporting Lisbon player was playing with enthusiasm. For 64 minutes he tirelessly carrying and chasing the ball. He also partnered very well with Paul Pogba. Not only that, he also has a charming defensive ability through three tackles that make the ball twice usurped behind his team.

“Fernandes can be played for 10 minutes and I will call him man of the match,” former England national Karen Carney told BBC Radio 5 Live. “He was really charming and it was a privilege to be able to watch him play. The difference he made for Manchester United team was very great.”

“I think Manchester United need another center forward but this midfielder is exciting. Fernandes is fantastic and I was weak when he was pulled out,” explained Karen Carney.

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