Watch Teams from the West Fight for the NBA Playoffs

Watch Teams from the West Fight for the NBA Playoffs

Watch Teams from the West Fight for the NBA Playoffs

The final stretch of the Western Conference in the current NBA season should be one of the most exciting in recent years with eight teams fighting for a direct berth to the playoffs.

But, will the Golden State Warriors be there or will they need to go through the play-in? Will LeBron James and Anthony Davis be able to classify the Los Angeles Lakers? And the Dallas Mavericks, will they be able to end the bad phase?

Oklahoma City Thunder – April 2

The Phoenix Suns’ first challenge is soon a direct confrontation against the Oklahoma City Thunder. The opponent is tenth in the West, with 38 wins and 40 losses.

The big challenge of the duel, for the Suns, is to play away from home. In 39 games, there were only 16 wins. But, in the direct confrontation against the Thunder, the Arizona team lost as a visitor and won both at home.

In general statistics, the confrontation is well balanced. While Phoenix has 114.4 offensive utilization, Oklahoma has 114.1. On defense, 112.3 and 113.1.

San Antonio Spurs – April 4

The San Antonio Spurs turned on tank mode for good, looking for a good draft pick. Right now, the team is 14th in the West with just 19 wins and 58 losses.

Of the Texan team’s few wins, only six came away from home. Soon, Phoenix already finds an advantage for being the boss. In the direct confrontation, another gain, since Devin Booker and company won the two duels so far.

Another good News for the Arizona team is: the Spurs have the second worst offensive use, with 109, and the worst defensive, with 119.5.

Denver Nuggets – April 6

Of the Suns’ last five games, this is probably the toughest. Especially because the Denver Nuggets are the best team in the West, with 51 wins and 26 losses.

The advantage for Phoenix is ​​that the confrontation is at home. And, in the current season, there are 25 wins and 12 losses. Denver, however, is one of the conference’s toughest visitors.

But given the latest result on March 31, where Phoenix won, they might have a chance.

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