What is Mixed Martial Arts?

In recent years, the prestige of mixed martial arts (MMA) has skyrocketed, thanks to a variety of organizations that have staged matches and promoted it massively. Until now, ONE Championship still dominates in Asia.

ONE Championship successfully made many ordinary eyes pay attention to MMA. MMA is an inclusive sport. In MMA, fighters are allowed to fight with techniques from various martial arts disciplines, such as boxing, wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, sambo, taekwondo, karate, and silat.

The interesting part of this sport is the existence of classification divisions based on the weight of the athletes. In ONE Championship there are nine classifications.

Here is a list of classification divisions based on the weight of the MMA athletes who fight under the aegis of the ONE Championship:
1. Heavyweight, 102.2 KG – 120.2 KG
2. Light Heavyweight, 93.1 KG – 102.1 KG
3. Middleweight, 84.0 KG – 93, 0 KG
4. Lightweight, 70.4 KG – 77.1 KG
5. Featherweight, 65.9 KG – 70.3 KG
6. Bantamweight, 61.3 KG – 65.8 KG
7. Flyweight, 56.8 KG – 61.2 KG
8. Strawweight, 52, 3 KG – 56.7 KG
9. Atomweight, 47.7 KG – 52.2 KG

MMA matches are also different from boxing or other martial arts. The duration of the MMA match is five minutes in each round. Meanwhile, there is a break for one minute at each turn of the round.

A non-title match lasts for three rounds, while the title fight matches run for five rounds.

Winning can be obtained in various ways, namely KO known as knockout, lock or submission, stoppage by referee, surrender of the athlete, surrender of points based on judges’ decisions, or if the opponent gives up during a match.

In the match that goes to the last round, three judges will judge the match as a whole based on established assessment criteria. Then, they will choose one athlete who will come out as the winner.

These assessment criteria include the state when an athlete almost hits a knockout or manages to lock an opponent, including with an accumulation of attacks, whether punches, kicks or locks, and a combination of attacks.

In addition, there are also judgments about the mastery of the arena, the accumulation of kickback attacks (takedown) and kickback defense (takedown defense), as well as the aggression shown by each athlete.

Let’s look forward to the MMA ONE Championship match in October 2019.

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