When Will Eden Hazard Shines in Madrid?

The presence of new players on a team is always highlighted by the public. Especially if the player comes to a big team and with a big transfer fee too. The main \highlight is how the player contributes to his new team. This situation is roughly similar to what is happening with Eden Hazard.

This season, Eden Hazard signed from Chelsea with a transfer value of 100 million Euros. High expectations certainly helped ride the presence of Eden Hazard at Real Madrid. So not a few El Real fans who hope in the presence of Eden Hazard to cover the holes left by C. Ronaldo. Shirt number 7 becomes the number worn by the player.

But the expectations slowly felt bland. Of the five matches played by the Belgian player with Real Madrid, he has never once scored a goal and recorded an assist. Conversely, at the beginning of the presence of Ronaldo, he managed to score 6 goals and 1 assist.

Of course, this is not a good record for a classmate of Hazard. How not, in the same number of matches with Chelsea last season, Hazard scored seven goals and two assists.

His appearance caught the attention of El Real’s public. They are attracted not because of their prowess, but because of their decline. If there is no improvement, Hazard can be targeted by bullies. In the end, he followed his team mate James Rodriguez who often inhabited the bench.

Not a few also who defended Hazard. The coach Zidane defended Hazard after the draw (0-0) in the derby against Atletico Madrid. Zidane said to slowly give time to Hazard. Instead his team mate, Casemiro said that Hazard needed time to adapt. Furthermore, Casemiro also reminded Hazard that football also scored goals. On the one hand, the process of adaptation is considered important for a footballer but that is not a reason not to look excellent and impressive with the club. Therefore the question that arises is until when is Hazard given time to adapt?

Hazard’s early career at Real Madrid did not go smoothly. Smothered an injury that makes Hazard absent in the first game in La Liga. After returning from injury, Hazard did not necessarily adapt well to Real Madrid’s game. Even so, Hazard was given time to show his strength on the gridiron. Enem fight is a belief to prove itself with Real Madrid. Indeed Zidane was right to be patient with Hazard’s appearance.

But patience can slowly erode if there are no good signs on the gridiron. One of them, when El Real was held to a draw at Club Brugge in Santiago Bernebau (2-2). Eden Hazard is considered not to contribute to the maximum in this fight. This result also gave a bad impression for Real Madrid fans. On the other hand, Zidane must also know about the demands in and from the gridiron. Furthermore, the game of football is a collective player. The effectiveness of one person must be a contribution to the team as a whole. Conversely, when one is ineffective, the player must be replaced by someone who can contribute to the team.

In the eighth week of La Liga competition, Real Madrid will face Granada. At the beginning of this season, the appearance of Granada was extraordinary. Thanks to that appearance, Granada managed to sit in second place. Victory against Madrid could have put Granada sitting in first place in the La Liga competition standings.

If Hazard is again entrusted to go down in this fight against Granada, this match will be an important opportunity for Hazard to prove his ability. Therefore, this opportunity should not be wasted because often the patience of El Real fans has a limit.


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