Which Club is Likely to Employ Jose Mourinho as Manager?

After being sacked as Manchester United coach in December last season, Jose Mourinho has still not coached any club to date. However, Jose Mourinho is not devoid of various offers and speculation. Jose Mourinho is one of the most famous coaches in the world of football today. A myriad of achievements have been achieved with the team he trained.

Because of its popularity, it’s no wonder that many clubs are rumored to recruit this Portuguese coach. As reported, a French team, Lyon is interested in recruiting Mourinho to replace Sylvinho who was fired by the club. Word got out that Mourinho refused the offer and was more interested in training in England. The former Chelsea, Real Madrid and Inter manager is interested in training in England because his family lives there.

Where will Mourinho train in the English League? Seeing the performance of several big teams in the Premier league this season, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur are experiencing a crisis. The poor performance of the two teams has led to speculation on the sacking of Ole Gunnar Solksjaer as Manchester United coach and Mauricio Pochettino as coach of Tottemham Hotspur.

Mourinho is certainly difficult to return to Manchester United. Moreover, he left because he could not improve the situation of Manchester United in order to appear like a club during the time of coach Alex Ferguson. Of course, Manchester United doesn’t want to recruit the same people just to fix the same problem.

Another option is Tottenham Hotspur. This season, Tottenham showed a less good performance. In the champions league, they were slaughtered by Bayern Munich (3-7). Three days later, Tottenham were overthrown by Brighton in the Premier League with a landslide score (0-3).

These two successive defeats are only examples of the crisis that is happening to Tottenham. Departing from such situations, the position of the coach becomes a central issue. In the end if there is no improvement, dismissal becomes the final solution. The new coach is targeted to improve the situation of the club. Mourinho is said to have opened the door to train a team based in the city of London.

Mourinho is very familiar with the English League. His experience with Chelsea and Manchester United could be a provision for Mourinho to train Tottenham. Especially if the club’s performance does not recover, Mourinho could be a favorite alternative to replace Pochettino.

Tottenham Hotspur in the last few seasons has become one of the toughest forces in the English League. The proof in the 2016/17 season, Tottenham almost grabbed the English League champions. Tottenham’s greatness continues to shine up to European level. Last season, Tottenham was able to become runner-up in the champions league event after being overthrown by fellow English clubs, Liverpool.

In terms of team quality, coaching Tottenham could be the right choice for Mourinho. The competitive side of the club can also be a fitting reason for Mourinho to anchor to Tottenham. At present, Tottemham still competes in the champions league and FA cup. These competitions can become a field for Mourinho to prove his quality as a coach again.

Mourinho’s presence in the English League will provide fresh air. Of course, this will also increase the level of competition between coaches and clubs. With his style, Mourinho can add spice to the English league competition. There are several reasons why Jose Mourinho could be anchored at Tottenham Hotspur. One reason that appears from the figure of Mourinho is a winning mentality. In his career as a football manager, Mourinho has grabbed 25 trophies and 11 of the trophies obtained in the English league. This mentality which could be a reason for Mourinho to anchor to this north London club.

Various speculations are circulating. This all depends on Pocchetino in improving the situation at Tottemham. However, Pocchetino has been of great service to Tottheham’s performance in the last few seasons. Maybe because of that, club management is still patient. However, patience often has a point where results don’t say much. Jose Mourinho and maybe other figures will be an alternative to correct the atmosphere at Tottenham Hotspur.


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