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Whitmarsh: Honda has “no objections” over Alonso

Whitmarsh on Alonso

Martin Whitmarsh, Group CEO of Aston Martin Performance Technologies, claims Honda has “no objections whatsoever” to Fernando Alonso driving the car.

Honda, the Japanese engine manufacturer, announced its re-entry in Formula 1. The manufacturer has officially committed for its return to F1 with Aston Martin F1 team.

Earlier the manufacturer had parted its ways with the F1 sport. However, it is re-entering after three years with the new partnership with Aston Martin, commencing from 2026 onward.

The new deal poses a potential working with Alonso, who had a history with Honda. He endured the burns of initial struggles with Honda, which later helped the manufacturer succeeded in F1 with Red Bull.

The Spaniard drove the Japanese engines at McLaren in 2015. The new deal with Aston Martin can possibly lead him to drive the same manufacturer engines in 2026.

In the same year at Japanese Grand Prix, Alonso’s comments on engine made to headline in presence of Honda’s senior management. He expressed his frustration with the engine problems through radio message “GP2 engine, aaaarrgggh”.

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Later, Alonso expressed regret using those words. Nonetheless, the message became iconic in summarizing the whole scenario for the Spaniard.

Honda bosses showed displeasure over remarks on the engines. However, current chiefs have shown no hard feeling over the matter. Honda has provided the similar clarity on the matter through the media.

Koji Watanabe, Honda Racing Corporation president, said: “If we are to team up with Alonso again, as our driver, we have no objections whatsoever in him driving.”

No one can comment on Alonso’s future plans. There is no confirmation of him staying till 2026. However, he has shown no intention of leaving the sport despite being in his forties. He remains committed and heads-on with Red Bull this season.

Whitmarsh on Alonso driving for Honda

Martin Whitmarsh, Group CEO of Aston Martin Performance Technologies, provided clarity on the matter. According to him, both parties had no discussion over the Alonso’s presence in team.

“No, it wasn’t,” he said. “Clearly Fernando’s doing a great job in the team. And we are delighted to have him as part of our team. He’s making a great contribution both on and off the track.

“Obviously I spoke to Fernando a little while ago about the direction that we intended to go. He’s a very intelligent individual.

“I’m sure everyone is referring to some comments that were made, probably in the heat of battle, once, which were quite memorable, I suppose, for some. But I think he understands and respects what Honda are doing.”

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