Why are so many great sprinters from Jamaica? This is the reason

Jamaica in recent years, at least in a decade, has become the ruler on sprinting. Running 100 meters is a mainstay and soft food for Jamaican runners. In the men’s 100 meter world record series, since 2006, is controlled by Jamaican runners.

In 2006, Asafa Powell set a world record for running 100 meters with a speed of 9.763 seconds. Powell then accelerated three times. In 2007, Powell was able to set a new record with a speed of 9.735 seconds.

After Powell, there was Usain Bolt who was also from Jamaica. He now holds the world record of running 100 meters. The latest record was set in 2009 by Bolt in Berlin, with a record of 9.58 seconds.

Besides the two names, there is still Yohan Blake who has the best record at 100 meters, 9.69. Blake is a world champion running at the 2011 world championship.

In addition to the male sector, the Jamaican women’s sector also dominates. Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce is a women’s 100-meter runner from Jamaica who is a four-time world champion, namely in 2009, 2013, 2015 and 2019. Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce’s best time in 100 meters is 10.70 seconds.

There is also Veronica Campbell-Brown who won the world championship in 2007. Veronica’s best record in running 100 meters is 10.76 seconds. There is also a 2016 Olympic gold medalist, Elaine Thompson. Thompson has the best record time in 100 meters is 10.70 seconds.

Apart from the names above there are still other names that might be good at the local level. The achievement of Jamaican short-distance runners makes people curious. Moreover, the country of Jamaica is not big. The country in the Caribbean is estimated at 2.8 million in 2017.

Finally, an article in the Financial Times or ft.com written by Murad Ahmed appeared. The article was presented in 2016 during the Rio de Janeiro Olympics. In this article Usain Bolt’s statement was explained.

Bolt said, in Jamaica, short distance running is more famous than soccer. In Jamaica there is also an annual school athletic competition called Champs.

The program was played in a crowded stadium and was broadcasted on television. Bolt said, his victory in several elite running competitions because since young he was honed in hard competition at the Champs.

Bolt even said, his victory over Asafa Powell was determined by the experience on the Champs. Meanwhile, Powell himself when he was young did not follow the Champs because the Powell school did not qualify.

Bolt also believes that in the future Jamaica will not be short of athletes running short distances. According to him, the Champs arena has always been an arena that produces runners.

In the writings of Murad Ahmed it also explained about a scientific studies in 2010. It is conclude that in a large heart, the flow of oxygen to the muscles become faster. The Jamaicans of African descent also benefited. Because Africans have more “fast twitch” muscle fibers that are needed to run fast.

As many as 10 of the fastest humans in history, only filled with people of African descent who are citizens of Jamaica, the United States, Canada, and Nigeria.

Know the Potential

Looking at the genetic side, the sports ministry in Jamaica understand very well their potential. With the advantages of genes as written in ft.com, the Jamaican policy makers fled young people to run fast through the Champs event.

Thus, it is true that we must not build something based on mere pleasure. For example, because they like soccer, everything is directed to soccer. If they like badminton, then all are directed to badminton. If for example, the potential is fast in hitting, why not distribute it into a boxer? That’s what Jamaican people do which make them outstanding until now.

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