Why does Peru Outperform Japan and Senegal for Best Supporter Title?

2018 FIFA Awards have been held and winners in each category have been announced. Peruvian supporters became one of the award winners by winning the best supporters category, defeating Japan and Senegal. The great struggle and support of Peru’s supporters is one reason.

Peru, which competed in the 2018 World Cup in Russia, was an encouraging thing for its people. La Blanquirroja’s qualification for the 2018 Dunai Cup was the first since it last participated in the 1982 edition in Spain. The momentum was used by Peru fans to support their national team.

In fact, there were approximately 40,000 Peru supporters who came to Russia to encourage the team directed by Ricardo Gareca. Mordovia Arena, Central Stadium, and Fisht Olympic Stadium became one of the witnesses of the enthusiasm of supporters when Peru competed. Not unexpectedly, Russia became crowded with people in white and red shirts.

“This [being in Russia] is the best, there are many Peruvians everywhere,” Julio, one of Peru’s supporters from Lima, was quoted by Dream Team FC. “We left everything at home, came here with others and now we want to enjoy the experience.”

Although in the end Paolo Guerrero cs. Unable to qualify for the knockout phase because it only ranks third in Group C, Peruvian supporters have shown enthusiasm in supporting their team. Separate distance of 14,000 km from Russia is not an obstacle. Not surprisingly, they finally get the best supporters title.

“Peru knocked out of the World Cup tournament with a good game without fear. But above all, this team has been supported by one of the best fan bases in World Cup history. I raised my hat to them, ”said Antonio Banderas, actor Zorro, quoted from Andina.

Japanese and Senegalese supporters who have been nominated have also shown a good attitude during the World Cup mat. Being in the same group, their action of cleaning the stadium is one of the most memorable things. The victory won by Japan 2-1 against Colombia was followed by actions that invited praise. After the match, supporters of the Blue Samurai picked up trash scattered about in the Mordovia Arena.

Action picking up rubbish was also carried out by Senegalese supporters who were at the Otkritie Arena when their favorite team was able to defeat Poland. When the two teams faced each other, the action was still carried out by Senegalese and Japanese supporters. After that, the two supporters got appreciation from various corners of the world thanks to the actions taken.

In addition, another action that reaps praise is when one of the supporters of Japan and Senegal sing the song of the animated series One Piece which shows the friendliness of both. The action that had become a conversation on social media is also one proof that both of them have shown good behavior as supporters.

“While the dedication and enthusiasm seen by Japanese and Senegalese supporters has given their own voice and color in Russia 2018, they have also done more than their support as a supporter. Respect has been shown between the two supporters and with the host, their actions to clean the stadium after “both teams competed to get great praise from the world,” FIFA wrote on their website opponent.

So, if you are a big fan of your football clubs or your country, please remember to show your enthusiasm as creative as you can. Please do remember as well to show it with respect to others and let no negative value such as anarchy or racism to be part of your message to the football fans in the world. It is always wise to learn from Peru, Brazil and Senegal’s fan base on how they show their support to the 11 players in the pitch.


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