Why PSG MNM Trio Still Failed?

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) won hard against Lyon, on Monday. This 2-1 victory was marked by the disappointment of Lionel Messi being withdrawn and the failure of the trio of Messi, Neymar, Mbappe (MNM) to show harmony. PSG fell behind when Lyon midfielder Lucas Paqueta scored in the 54th minute. PSG scored in the 66th minute through Neymar’s penalty and 90+3 minutes through Mauro Icardi’s header.

This PSG victory could not be separated from the strategy of Mauricio Pochettino who dared to change players. He pulled Lionel Messi in the 76th minute and replaced by Achraf Hakimi. After being pulled off, Messi looked disappointed with his gesture at Pochettino.

One thing that is interesting in the PSG vs Lyon match is the trio of Messi, Neymar, Mbappe (MNM). The trio, which is predicted to be the most powerful, has yet to find its harmony. From the match against Lyon, it is clear that this trio will not develop if it is not managed properly.

Then, what is the cause of the lack of MNM? Who exactly is installed as a centre forward? From the rumours that developed in the media, Mbappe is the one in charge in the middle. Meanwhile, Neymar on the left and Messi on the right. However, during the match against Lyon, Messi several times tried to be a centre forward. At least Messi is trying to be in the middle.

The phenomenon of Messi being in the middle is actually normal. Because, he also got a free role at Barcelona and Argentina. So, Messi can make a lot of goals. But the phenomenon is not yet familiar at PSG. The proof, when Messi is seen in the middle, Mbappe is confused. In the second half, Mbappe even pulled over to the left wing. Even though on the left there is Neymar.

In the match against Lyon, it was seen how Messi and Mbappe did not click. Messi is more clique with Neymar. In the first half there was a moment when Neymar stabbed into the middle, opening up space for Messi. Then Neymar passed the ball back and Messi was relatively unmarked. Unfortunately Messi’s kick still hit the foot of the Lyon goalkeeper.

Meanwhile, between Messi and Mbappe there is still no understanding. Mbappe is confused about what to do when Messi stabs or positions himself in the middle.

This MNM trio is even more difficult because of Di Maria. Di Maria as is known, plays on the right wing. If MNM play plus Di Maria, then there will be three people on the right wing namely Messi, Di Maria and defender Kehrer. It becomes inefficient if there are three people operating in the wing.

Regardless of the rumours that Messi is injured or Messi looks disappointed, PSG coach Mauricio Pochettino has made the right tactics. He pulled Messi and Di Maria. His successors were Hakimi and Mauro Icardi. What happened was that Icardi had to be a centre-forward. Mbappe and Neymar are the pillars. Mbappe also looked useful after Messi was withdrawn because it was Mbappe who provided Icardi’s pass so PSG were able to win at the last minute.

Nonetheless, Pochettino also has a lot of homework to do. The relationship between the three players (MNM trio) seems to need to be strengthened. In my opinion, it is rather difficult to install three strikers with the same type of destroyer plus one wing specialist, namely Di Maria.

If Pochettino does not find the right formula to unite the four players, then something must be sacrificed. Di Maria was not played or Di Maria was played but PSG only used two strikers. Probably the key for the right formation is to come back to the original formation.

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