Will Indonesia Be Able to Seize Thomas Cup and Olympic Gold?

Three Indonesian men’s doubles pairs Markus / Kevin, Hendra / Ahsan and Fajar / Rian are in top performance. In the last three badminton tournaments that are in the top level category. All three were won by Indonesian men’s doubles. Most recently the Fajri couple, nicknamed Dawn / Rian became the 2019 Korean Open Champion super 500 category.

Previously the 2019 China Open Badminton tournament which was one of the super 1000 tournaments was won by the Minions nickname for the Mark / Kevin pair. Other super 1000 tournament categories are All England and Indonesia Open. Even more special is the Indonesian men’s doubles pair wiping out all men’s doubles titles in the Super 1000 category. Starting with Hendra / Ahsan winning the All England 2019, then Markus / Kevin won the Indonesia Open.

Besides winning the super 1000 tournament, the men’s doubles pair Hendra / Ahsan won the World Championship in Basel, Switzerland. In 2019, the Indonesian men’s doubles pair appeared very special by becoming the men’s doubles champion at the Asian badminton tiger enclosure in Korea, China and Japan, for the 2019 Japan Open Markus / Kevin won.

The success of the men’s doubles pair won a number of prestigious badminton tournaments at the highest level certainly becomes the capital to reclaim the Thomas 2020 Cup which will be held in Denmark. Thomas Cup team’s best achievement since winning in 2002, which was to become runner up in 2010 and 2016.

Speaking of recapturing the Thomas Cup, 2020 is a very appropriate moment for us to take from China (Champion Thomas 2018 Cup). Based on the release of BWF ranking as of October 1, 2019, Indonesian men’s doubles pair dominated the top 5 positions by placing 3 men’s doubles, Markus / Kevin ranked 1st in the world, Hendra / Ahsan ranked 2nd in the world and Fajar / Rian ranked 5th in the world. Throughout 2019 the three Indonesian men’s doubles were fairly consistent, considering that the new BWF rules of the world’s top players must take at least 12 tournaments in a season. For this reason PBSI and the ranks of the trainers must be smart in managing the peak performance of players and in arranging tournaments to be followed.

For 2020 PBSI and the trainers must guard the three men’s doubles in order to secure 2 points in the Thomas Cup match, each men’s doubles are played by an official. Since Hendra / Ahsan is not a national training player, PBSI must not distinguish special treatment, because it is a non-national player. As a professional player Hendra / Ahsan must take care of all the needs to take part in the tournament that is being participated, to support Indonesia’s success in regaining the Thomas PBSI Cup from now on it must help facilitate the couple’s needs.

After Indonesia can secure important points in 2 men’s doubles, Indonesia must be able to maximize the potential of men’s singles. Based on the release of BWF ranking as of October 1, 2019, men’s singles Jonatan Christie ranked 6th in the world, Anthony Sinisuka Ginting ranked 8th in the world, Tommy Sugiarto ranked 19th in the world and Shesar Hiren Rhustavito ranked 26th in the world. Without understating the role of the third single player, the first and second men’s singles will play a decisive role.

The latest achievements of two Indonesian men’s singles, Jonatan Christie became runner up at the Japan Open and Anthony Sinisuka Ginting runner up at the China Open, these two players were identically defeated by world number 1 men’s singles Kento Momota from Japan. Do not let Indonesia play the fifth party, because this is a weak point for the Thomas Indonesia team.

Indonesia’s arch-rivals are, of course, China’s Defending Champions, then Japanese and Danish Hosts. The homework for PBSI is to level the strength of the Thomas Cup team, lest the third single become a weak point that is used by Indonesian opponents later.

To retake the Thomas Cup, from now on PBSI and the Trainers must form the Thomas Cup team framework, starting with the core players and reserve players by setting the composition of 10 core players and 6 reserve players, and making a more intense training program, designing tournaments to follow by the players, as well as programs to maintain nutrition, do not differentiate between national and non-national players, making the team atmosphere always conducive and the need for psychological assistance if needed. And must be evaluated every month, to see the progress of development. Why should it be from now on because we have been waiting for 18 years to win the Thomas Cup, so there is no harm if PBSI prepares earlier. So that the target of regaining the Thomas Cup can be achieved.

The performance graph of the four mixed doubles is an improvement compared to women’s singles, or women’s doubles. The four mixed doubles of Indonesia have progressed progress despite the achievement of not yet won the super 500 or super 1000 tournament category in 2019. With the preparation of the 2020 Olympics which is still long, it is possible that the mixed doubles can create surprises.

For the PBSI Olympics program and the trainers must choose an appropriate tournament so that the peak performance of players is at its peak in the Olympics and arrange a training program after the Thomas Cup is finished. It is not easy to turn the palm of the hand to reclaim the Thomas Cup and win Olympic gold, it requires hard work from players, coaches and support from PBSI, the government and sponsors.

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