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Wins on appeal, Djokovic is released and has the opportunity to appear at the 2022 Australian Open

The world’s number one men’s singles tennis player, Novak Djokovic, was declared victorious in a visa case trial against the Australian Government. The decision makes Novak Djokovic has the opportunity to appear at the 2022 Australian Open which will start on January 17.

Novak Djokovic, who is known as an anti-covid-19 vaccine, decided to fly to Australia from Dubai on Tuesday (4/1/2022) local time. Before leaving, Novak Djokovic publicly confirmed that he would participate in the 2022 Australian Open after he bagged an exemption from the Covid-19 vaccination. After completing a flight of more than 10 hours, Djokovic arrived in Melbourne, Australia, on Wednesday (5/1/2022) early morning local time.

The news that Djokovic will take part in the 2022 Australian Open after pocketing the Covid-19 vaccination dispensation immediately made a commotion for the local government. The Immigration and Australian Government chose to immediately arrest Djokovic when the tennis player arrived in Melbourne. After nearly seven hours in detention, Djokovic finally had to accept the fact that his visa to enter Australia was denied by the local government. The local government also asked Djokovic to leave Australia immediately.

In general, Djokovic was deported by the local government for failing to show proof that he was not worthy of being vaccinated when he entered Australia. Disappointed with the Australian Government’s decision, Djokovic and his team of lawyers immediately filed an appeal.

The main alibi used by Djokovic to enter Australia without a vaccine is the fact that he was exposed to Covid-19 in December 2021. Djokovic’s party has also pocketed a letter from the head of the Tennis Australia medical team on 30 December 2021.

The letter outlines the following: Tennis Australia granted Djokovic a medical exemption from the Covid-19 vaccination because he had just recovered from the virus. Djokovic’s party reportedly also received a document from the Australian Department of Home Affairs saying that he met the quarantine-free requirements. These documents were used by Djokovic to file an appeal.

Djokovic also reportedly did not accept the treatment of Australian immigration and government officials when they detained him at the airport. The appeal hearing on the Djokovic visa case took place on Monday (10/1/2021) local time.

As a result, Judge Anthony Kelly declared Novak Djokovic won the appeal. Judge Anthony Kelly also ordered the Australian government to release Djokovic within 30 minutes of the verdict. Quoted from the Sky Sports website, Judge Anthony Kelly said the Australian Government’s decision to revoke Djokovic’s visa was “absolutely unreasonable”.

Even though he has won the appeal and been released, it is still not confirmed that Djokovic will be able to participate in the 2022 Australian Open. The Australian government has not yet issued a position on the decision of Djokovic’s appeal court.

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