Wolff: Hamilton and Verstappen belongs to a different class


Toto Wolff, Mercedes Formula 1 team Principal, praised Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen after Hungarian Grand Prix.

He articulated that Hamilton’s drive at Hungaroring “was another dimension”. His battle with Verstappen was amazing such that they left rivals in “a different class”.

Hamilton was hungry to take on and lead the race, for which he fought wheel to wheel with his team mate Valterri Bottas. Later while chasing Verstappen, his team decided to switch to a two-stop strategy to gain rubber advantage.

The risk was very high but Hamilton went on with the team decision which eventually paid off with the crown.

Hamilton was given 2o laps to chase 20 seconds gap. He was successful at beating Red Bull driver within 16 laps and marked eight victory to his name this season.

Wolff said: “To dominate such an era a team needs to come together on this journey and create something special.

“It doesn’t go without every single member of the team but it certainly doesn’t go without the right guy in the car.

“His driving today was just another dimension to me.

“The respect between Valtteri [Bottas] and Lewis in the first half a lap, we have never had reason to doubt that it’s good.

“And catching up with Verstappen and chasing him hard on the hard tyre, you can see that these are two great drivers with great respect for each other.

“Only with respect can you go around a corner together at 180mph.

“We knew from the moment that he had seen that [Verstappen was in the distance], that would be enough.”

Wolff had earlier highlighted the potential of Austrian and German GP winner to be a potential threat to title race.

Hamilton’s win increased his lead to 62-points in the championship, while Bottas lead has shrunk to only seven points over Verstappen.

Wolff answered about how he feels about the victory before summer break: “It just feels great going into the summer break with a victory.

“We’ve increased our advantage in the drivers’ world championship, we can take it in for the next four weeks before we hit the racetrack. It will be the opposite for our competitors.

“What personally satisfies me is we had a great, great racecar, by far the quickest car on track.

“Putting aside the Verstappen/Hamilton battle, you could see everybody else was in a different class.

“Nevertheless after the break, getting into Spa and Monza mode, a totally different track layout, very power sensitive circuit – something that’s going to suit Ferrari a lot.

“It’s going to be difficult for us and that’s why it’s about enjoying the moment, and starting [Monday] we have to sort out our problems in order to be competitive at Spa.”

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