Wolff Says Formula 1 Will Manage to Forget the “Strangeness” of Behind Closed Door Race

Wolff Says Formula 1 Will Manage to Forget the “Strangeness”

The Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff believes that Formula 1, with the help of all the teams on the grid, will be able to make people forget the “strangeness” of the situation this weekend in Austria with behind closed door race.

This is one of the great differences of the 2020 season: the first eight races of the year will all be held behind closed doors for reasons of health safety, which is a great first for the premier category of motorsport.

“I think we know what to do, I think we know that protecting our people and everyone involved is the number one priority.” Wolff said.

“But it is also brand new ground and we have never been in such a situation. We’re talking a lot of bubbles, with less interaction with the other teams, you guys [the media] and the fans, and it will be a new experience.

“F1 has always been able to keep the positives, and if we are able to provide a big show on Saturday and Sunday, I think it will make up for the strangeness [of the situation].” Wolff added.

According to reports, some promoters who have agreed to hold F1 races behind closed doors this year have extended their contracts.

Although Wolff has enjoyed his family for the past few weeks, the Austrian admitted that he missed the trips and the pace imposed by F1.

“It was really surreal, and anyone who tells me that they enjoy spending more time at home, I don’t really believe them, because we are in a rapidly changing environment.” Wolff said.

“We work in a kind of setting, we know when we go racing, we know when we get back to the office, and we know when we get home. Suddenly, it’s like you’re unplugging an outlet. I miss the competition.” Wolff added.

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