World Cup Football – The Fever for This Event is Clearly Visible with the Collection of Panini Online Stickers!

As the FIFA World Cup 2014 has come to an end, the time has come to announce the winners for Panini Prizes. This is a sticker album and released online. So, this time the winners are surely going to enjoy more things on the go. More than 3 millions of club members have collected, pasted and traded these virtual stickers. Well, they did such things for their Panini albums online and it was meant for the World Cup 2014 held in Brazil. More than 195 millions of virtual sticker packets were revealed and at the same time more than 243 millions of stickers have been swapped when the collectors have tried to paste them with their albums online.

This is a kind of activity that collectors love to perform when World Cup is on. And this time such activity has also produced new records. With comparison to the album announced for 2010 event in South Africa, the 2014 edition has created several new records. This time the Panini album online has managed to double the record that was once set during 2010. During South Africa 2010 only one and half millions collectors have collected these virtual stickers. But this time the count moved to three millions of collectors who joined the Panini album online and took part in it for 2014 event that was held in Brazil.

During 2010 near about 500,000 collectors have completed their Panini albums online but this time collectors have collected these virtual tickets with a new zeal and more than one millions of them have completed their online albums. And the most interesting fact is that they have completed it several days prior to the deadline. Well, this has surely helped them to secure their place for prize draw. And when the time has come for the prize draw, 250 names were selected randomly so that the prize winners name can be announced further. 9-b

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