World cup: The most awaited tournament

Held after every four years, the worldcup is the most awaited tournament of the world.  Fédération Internationale de Football Association, also known as FIFAis the association responsible for the arrangement of this tournament. It started in 1930 and has been held after every four years ever sinc e except the 8 year gap that came due to world war 2, the tournaments of 1942 and 1946 were not held. The fifa world cup of 2014 was held in Brazil, it was one of the most goaled tournaments with 171 goals in total. Germany won the world cup after defeating Argentina with a score of 1-0.

The members of Fifa decide through a process of ballot system in order to decide the host of the tournement. The bids of worldcup 2018 has been won by Russia and of 2022 has been won by Doha Qatar. Doha Qatar is building a new city called Lusail especially for the Worldcup of 2022.

Brazil’s national team has won this title five times but failed to won the one held in it’s own stadiums this year. 32 teams have participated in the world cup of 2014 and hopefully 32 will participate in the one to be held in 2018. This year, the goal line technology was introduced for the worldcups. This was done so, to avoid the ghost goals. This involves 14 super speed cameras to be installed in the stadium with 7 pointing towards the goal post. The usage of vanishing foams was also introduced from this worldcup. In the case of a free kick, the referree uses this form to mark a ten yard line, it disappears after a few minutes.

This event with it’s millions of fans taking breaks from their works, studies, routines and travelling to the host countries, and the rest of the world watching it on screenings held across the globe or on their television screens, proves, that this world cup truly is the most awaited tournament, which drives million of people crazy with it.


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